Zero Dark and the Dog Park

Just a few random notes to kick start this week. If you’re here from For Lauren and Lauren, welcome! I’m so happy you dropped by.

Zero Dark Thirty
This is the only film I have ever seen where I cried before a single thing was shown on the screen. The movie starts with a blank screen. And all you hear for the first 2-3 minutes are clips of 911 calls from 9/11. It’s heartbreaking to listen to and if you don’t have tears streaming down your face before the title appears on screen, you aren’t human. The movie goes on to be absolutely incredible. See it.

The Golden Globes
Am I the only one who thinks it’s super awkward when they start playing the music over the acceptance speeches? I get the worst second hand embarrassment for the winner. Just let them ramble! They might say something outrageous that we could talk about for a week or two. Here’s my take on the dresses. One winner. One loser.

Not so much

Archie’s grown up teeth are coming in so he’s been a bit of a monster lately. He lightly chews on a lot of things but he doesn’t destroy anything. It’s a bit strange actually. He also had his first dog park experience and I’m happy to say, he acted like a perfect gentleman.

And lastly, I actually did my hair today. 
And yes, the center of that picture wall does feature a replica Harry Potter wand. Some geekdom deserves to be displayed, loud and proud.
Happy Monday!

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