You’re Only Cool In The Blog World

Some ish that floats around these here interwebs is just madness.
(Not the March madness, which, DEAR GOD I am so sick of)
No, I’m referencing the random and the ridiculous.
The expensive and the elusive.
Blog trends.

Blogs do a weird thing to all of us (don’t deny it). 
We’ve created this crazy sub-culture in the 18-45 age group and 
somehow it operates almost entirely separately from the real life one. 
Think about all of the stuff that is super cool in the blog world that your non-blogger (or non blog reading) friends just don’t understand, give a shit about, or have never even heard of.
Using triangles and other shapes to replace letters 
This is a thing. I’m calling it. Triangles are the “it” shape. 
Glitter letters/designs
 I bet we wouldn’t see you whipping out the glitter pen (circa 5th grade) at your desk at work. Nope, you put that thing back in your Caboodles long ago. I’m glad you have an outlet for the glitter obsession that never left. Sometimes I wear scrunchies to bed. See? We’re even.

Caboodles were probably the peak of my organizational skills. Damn I miss those things.
Link Ups
If you had asked me two years ago what a link up was, I would have guessed it was a toy for the under 5 crowd. When I use this term around Nav he nods along but I know, and he knows, that he has no clue what I’m talking about.
*p.s. I’m hosting one! Scroll down to learn more about Never Have I Ever – The Link Up
To quote a non-blogger I just made up, “You give away free stuff to get people to like you???” Yes, yes we do.

If you think about it, Carrie was basically a blogger. Before blogs.

Do you know one person in real life that gets them? I don’t. Blog world only.
Outfit photos
Short story time. The neighbors caught me taking pictures of myself with my tripod on the front porch yesterday. I told them I was working on self-portraits for my photography class. Well played, Nadine. Well played.
Either way, taking outfit pics anywhere looks crazy. 99.9% of us look nothing like models. The rest of the world therefore has no idea why anyone cares about our outfits. We care.

The only model I’ll ever relate to.

Do real people wear them? 
Or are they a trick by the popular kids to make the rest of us feel practically bald? 
Having a blog sponsor = Yay! Fun! Money!   
Having a real life sponsor = The fun got out of hand.
I’m sure there are a thousand more things that we totally embrace in blog culture but not in real life. 
Can you think of any?
I want to hear them. Add to the list.
Happy hump day!




  • This is hilarious. Real life sponsors = too much fun? Amazing.

  • this is funny! i pretend my neighbors don’t see me taking pictures with my tripod but I’m sure they do!

  • I love this, and it’s so true! Half the time I talk to my friends about my blog, they kind of just stare at me like maybe I’d do well to get a therapist. They clearly just don’t understand…
    <3 Kiersten

  • Haha I love this…it is so true! So many of my friends don’t even know I blog because I am sure they will think I am a huge weirdo haha

  • This is hilarious and so true. There’s probably something to add about how our parents (at least my mother…) think that because we have a blog, we’re essentially New York Times, better than JK Rowling, best sellers.

  • Everytime I watch the gif of the model falling, it’s funnier and funnier. Seriously. I can’t stop laughing!

  • I had a caboodle up until a few months ago when it broke. That wound is still fresh and I am still mourning. I have gotten multiple of my non-blogging friends into subscription boxes…and they don’t know how they lived without that little joy. My boyfriend is still in disbelief about how many people actually read my blog and care about what I wear everyday. The blogging world is weird…and all of your observations are spot on.
    Penniless Socialite
    March Group Giveaway!

  • OMG I laughed at all of these because they are SO TRUE.

  • hahaha so true. and YES, the neighbors think i’m crazy with my tripod. i like your excuse, i may need to steal it!

  • haha this is hilarious.
    Although i DO know a few friends that get birchbox!

    I about died when I saw the model video- can you imagine?! awful!


  • Haha this is hilarious–especially the “sponsor” comment haha. Also, I was OBSESSED with my caboodle. Long live the 90’s!

  • hahahaha omg this is pretty awesome and so true. love it


  • this cracked me up! but i do however still use my glitter pen (and pink paper) at work. i work with mostly boys, and i could probably show up covered in glitter and they wouldn’t care as long as i still had candy on my desk. my friends that don’t have blogs look at me like i am in some weird cult whenever i talk about it.

  • Thanks so much for linking up with us for Wildcard Wednesday!


  • Caboodles? Scrunchies? wow throwback! On a side note, I played Taboo with (real life) friends last night and scrunichie was a word I got. I didn’t describe it as fondly as you, but the bubs guessed it!

  • I totally miss my Caboodle! This was a great post. Glad I stumbled across you from Wildcard Wednesday.

  • I do love you. I really really do. ALSO! I do know someone who has a BirchBox in REAL LIFE. She’s the one who introduced me to them before I found out about them on blogland!

  • Girl I FEEL you on this! I am not a fashion blogger but I just went to ATL market and bought everything they sold so I wanted to do a post on my swag. This meant I had to get my husband to take pics of me. The whole time he kept saying “Is this normal”, “are you sure you won’t look crazy”, etc. It made me feel like a weirdo but I know when I do the post I’ll feel super cool!!

  • Lollll all so true. Especially link ups, no one in the real world knows what the hell that is.

  • Hahahaha this is hilarious. And so true, let’s be real. I am a new reader – found your blog through the GFC blog hop. Can’t wait to read more! xoxxx

  • You crack me up. Real life sponsors!! Haha! And the triangles… everywhere!!!
    Like Ordinary Life

  • I was just saying the same things about “blog trends” to my friend while we were at Blissdom. I’ll add bubble necklace to your list. And chevron everything! So many people at blissdom had both of those things on. Too funny!!!

  • You totally hit the nail on the head with this blog post!! I love it 😀

  • Hilarious!!! This is why I don’t like people I know IRL knowing about my blog…it all seems ridiculous to everyone else! I still have my caboodle and refuse to get rid of it 🙂

  • Hahaha

    What are the triangles?

    I’ve had the extensions (3 times) that last a year and that take 8 hours to put in way before I was blogging seriously hahaha. There’s always room for extensions 🙂

    My neighbors have seen me take OOTD posts, but they haven’t asked what I’m doing yet. I’m probably going to switch to my back yard because I don’t know if any creepers are watching or not lol

  • I’m laughing so loud at my desk at work. Co-workers=non-bloggers.


    “Having a blog sponsor = Yay! Fun! Money!
    Having a real life sponsor = The fun got out of hand.”

    just made my day. <33333333333

  • Thanks for linking up… I am SO glad I found you!

    Ps: I miss my caboodle..

  • Thanks for linking up… I am SO glad I found you!

    Ps: I miss my caboodle..

  • The gif of that model falling is hilarious! And this post is so true. 😛

  • Omg. You killed me with this. Hilarious!!!!

  • Love this post, esp the part about sponsors, too funny. Although I do know one real life person who gets Birchbox! Shocking, I know.
    x Hilary

  • OMG! Caboodles! I still have mine in the extra bathroom under the sink. I’ve had it for probably a decade but can’t get rid of it. And OMG! I sleep in scrunchies. It’s like you read my mind. Anyhow, this is is too funny. I go on and on about blog stuff to my husband and he just looks at me like I’m crazy. If I ever get caught doing selfies by my neighbors I know exactly what to say. Thank You for that!!

  • Oh I love this post. I seriously watched that model fall like 10 times and laughed the whole time. She eats it! And yes, the blogging world is weird and crazy. Something that non bloggers just don’t get, and I don’t blame them!I am excited about our linkup, I’ve been trying to thing of some Never Have I Ever’s.

  • this is hilarious – that carrie gif was on point! i totally feel this way every day talking to my work friends and feel like such a nerd. they don’t understand!!! haha

  • I. Had. That. Exact. Same. Caboodle. It brought me back!

    Great post- totally agree. How about taking selfies or pictures of random stuff in public for Instagram? Or staging your meal before you eat so you can get a good photo. Better yet, having your spouse wait before he devours his breakfast at a hoppin’ cafe so you can get a photo of his plate too. Oh the life of blogging…

  • this is so fantastic and I love it!

  • ha-ha. I loved this post!! I can really relate to it 🙂 And MessyDirtyHair sent me this way 🙂

  • For the record, real people most definitely do wear extensions. I never would have guessed how many do, and how many wear them every single day. It took going to cosmetology school to never trust that someone’s hair was their own. I gotta say, though, I love taking outfit photos. My husband and I always take my outfit photos in random places like, in the grocery store, and we get a lot of weird looks, plus we get the fun of confusing people, so that’s always enjoyable!

  • Absolutely loved this post! It’s all sooo true! Stopping over from messy Dirty Hair! I have a coworker/friend who subscribes to Ipsy’s Glam Bag after I was telling her about it. But other than that, no one understand bloggers. =]

  • I don’t have a blog but I do subscribe to Birchbox! So maybe they really are fun for everyone!! I’m loving your blog, I was sent over here by MessyDirtyHair and can’t stop reading!

  • LOL! Love it! You are funny, I like you, gonna keep following you 😛 This is so true though, things I get excited about related to blog world no one gets in the real world. I don’t do birchbox, etc though, guess I’m not that deep in it, but I just started lol. sent me!

    Jennifer Dysart

  • Found you from Messy.Dirty.Hair… and I have to say, I do the Birchbox thing, but I actually heard about it from someone who doesn’t blog and most of my friends who get Birchboxes don’t actually blog either… strange. It is true though that the blogging world is definitely different than real life at times… though I do feel that some of my blogger friends are my real life friends, which is awesome!

  • Hi there, I just found you through Messy.Dirty.Hair too!!!! This post made me laugh until I was on the verge of tears, you are incredible!!! I am pretty new to blogging so I am still learning all the blogger “verbage” (I know that isn’t a real word) but I think you might get what I am saying, hehe.

    I am so excited to read and learn more about you!!!

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  • found you through messy dirty hair! going to include this link in my weekly roundup. it’s just too true! xx

  • Love the mean girls reference, and I really do miss caboodles!

  • Hahahahaha!!! I’m one of those chicks whos fun got out of of those with a real-life sponsor…relating on both levels, lol! I loved this! So glad I found you through Messy. Dirty. Hair!!

  • I’m not sure if it’s cool to say “i’m a new follower” but I’m sayin it because I am and I love your blog. This post in particular…. I just spent 5 minutes laughing. It’s so true!

  • So true. I just started blogging and half the things I don’t even know about (like… link up? I was confused.) But either way, you are hilarious and I’m glad I found your blog!

  • I found this post so funny! thanks for making me laugh out loud x

  • This post is hilarious! So glad I found your blog. New follower! (saying new follower is also a trend)

    Summer x

  • Your comment about sponsors cracked me up! I need to tweet this, and if I could, I tweet in sparkly letters. 🙂

  • So glad I found this post and your blog via Jessica @ Jessica Who? New follower now. Hilarious truths!

  • Girl you just cracked me UP!!!!

  • The difference between real life sponsors and blog sponsors is so funny. Great post and all of this is so true. When you have to preface any conversation by, “my blogging friends said/did/bought…” you know you have a problem 😛 <–I have a problem

  • It’s so true! ALL my non-bloggy people think I’m crazy when I’m like WAIT i have to take a picture for my blog!

  • This is so hilarious! I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time, my fiancé was sitting next to me wondering what the heck I was laughing at my phone for. Ah, he won’t get it either 😉 I’m going to be following ya!
    xo- Kaara

  • I am DYING laughing right now! This is friggin hilarious! I found your post through Jessica Who? and I’m glad I read it. I am a “newbie” blogger, you know me…last pick in gym class, sitting by myself in the virtual cafeteria and yep you guessed it no sponsors or friends to speak of–CRICKETS in my blogland that is more like the day after the end of the world–LOL! And Caboodles?? They were my only attempt at “appearing” organized too, i loved those things-LOL! Too funny–once again, great post & glad I stopped by to read it 🙂

  • Ok, the model face-planting on the runway is killing me! So freakin’ hilarious! I’ve just been sitting here staring at it and laughing over and over. Well played, girlie, well played.

  • hahaha this is fantastic! love the sponsor part. Your outfit posts comment = yes. Although, I do actually know people who get box subscriptions! And top knots and bright lipstick have transitioned into real life, but that’s about it. You were on top of it with this one, girl. Go you.

  • Funny Funny!

  • Hahaha, so hilarious. I am new to blogging and am wrestling with whether it is something I want to continue. This made me lauhg so hard!

  • I LOVE THIS! Except yes, I do wear my extensions all day, every day and I love every inch of them. Mostly because I have the thinnest baby hair imaginable

  • HAHAHA – I love this!!! Except: I know quite a few people IRL who subscribe to birchbox/subscription service … and who wear extensions every day LOL!

  • You are absolutely right! I am very new to the blogging world and I literally had no idea what all this talk about linking up was. It also took me a while to understand the concept of a sponsor – advertise, I understand. Sponsor just didn’t click with me.


  • My husband started subscribing to a box for bicyclists called Cycleface – I was like what in the world, how do non-bloggers know about these things?

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