You’re Only Cool In The Blog World

Some ish that floats around these here interwebs is just madness.
(Not the March madness, which, DEAR GOD I am so sick of)
No, I’m referencing the random and the ridiculous.
The expensive and the elusive.
Blog trends.

Blogs do a weird thing to all of us (don’t deny it). 
We’ve created this crazy sub-culture in the 18-45 age group and 
somehow it operates almost entirely separately from the real life one. 
Think about all of the stuff that is super cool in the blog world that your non-blogger (or non blog reading) friends just don’t understand, give a shit about, or have never even heard of.
Using triangles and other shapes to replace letters 
This is a thing. I’m calling it. Triangles are the “it” shape. 
Glitter letters/designs
 I bet we wouldn’t see you whipping out the glitter pen (circa 5th grade) at your desk at work. Nope, you put that thing back in your Caboodles long ago. I’m glad you have an outlet for the glitter obsession that never left. Sometimes I wear scrunchies to bed. See? We’re even.

Caboodles were probably the peak of my organizational skills. Damn I miss those things.
Link Ups
If you had asked me two years ago what a link up was, I would have guessed it was a toy for the under 5 crowd. When I use this term around Nav he nods along but I know, and he knows, that he has no clue what I’m talking about.
*p.s. I’m hosting one! Scroll down to learn more about Never Have I Ever – The Link Up
To quote a non-blogger I just made up, “You give away free stuff to get people to like you???” Yes, yes we do.

If you think about it, Carrie was basically a blogger. Before blogs.

Do you know one person in real life that gets them? I don’t. Blog world only.
Outfit photos
Short story time. The neighbors caught me taking pictures of myself with my tripod on the front porch yesterday. I told them I was working on self-portraits for my photography class. Well played, Nadine. Well played.
Either way, taking outfit pics anywhere looks crazy. 99.9% of us look nothing like models. The rest of the world therefore has no idea why anyone cares about our outfits. We care.

The only model I’ll ever relate to.

Do real people wear them? 
Or are they a trick by the popular kids to make the rest of us feel practically bald? 
Having a blog sponsor = Yay! Fun! Money!   
Having a real life sponsor = The fun got out of hand.
I’m sure there are a thousand more things that we totally embrace in blog culture but not in real life. 
Can you think of any?
I want to hear them. Add to the list.
Happy hump day!




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