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Cactus in the Window

1. I am required to wear a black blazer every day to work. I used to think black blazers were a fun, versatile clothing item but now I kind of hate them.

2. I think the whole “oh my gosh let me see your ring!” and me sticking out my hand thing is super awkward.

3. I’m absurdly ticklish. Pedicures are torture.

4. After months of trying to improve my Instagram and striving for those perfect (staged) photos, I finally realized that it needed it to reflect my real life more. So I’m working on that. I discovered the photo editing app Enlight and have been using it on my recent Instagram photos and I think its editing capabilities make regular life look a lot more awesome. See the photo above and check out my Instagram.

5. The hardest part of wedding planning is family related stuff that I can’t share on the blog. The wedding details are easy. The family stuff? Not so much.

6. I started Blog Brighter because I felt weird just talking about myself all the time on this blog. I wanted to write, just not about me.

7. I have a jingle for almost everything. I wrote N and Archie their own theme songs and I sing them all the time. N never complains about this because his includes the phrase “handsome man” a lot.

8. I have really terrible hearing. It sometimes really embarrasses me because I have to ask people to repeat things a lot or I turn my head to listen with just my right ear (cause it’s better than my left).

Helene in Between

  • I love your IGs! I have to admit I haven’t noticed a change, but they are alway bright and fresh and make me smile 🙂

  • i am super duper ticklish too! I have bad hearing too. I tell michael he’ mumbling. always love your instagram!

  • I feel you on the family stuff that you can’t share. That was the hardest part for me with wedding planning too. Hang in there. <3 I'm going to check out this app now! And Blog Brighter is THE best!

  • I love making up jingles. I have bad hearing in my right ear and I hate asking people to repeat themselves, so I end up just smiling and nodding a lot.

  • I’m extremely ticklish too, which always leads to me apologizing in advance if I kick the person doing my pedicure. It hasn’t happened yet, but I’m just waiting for it.

  • Pedicures are amazing but my one foot is ticklish so it’s always a love hate situation haha

  • Bridget Clancy

    The first time I got a pedicure. I accidentally kicked the pedicurist in the jaw because my reflexes kicked in when she started scrubbing the bottom of my foot. To say it was embarrassing is an understatement …

    • That has to be one of the best/worst stories I’ve ever heard. I’ve come close but I haven’t actually kicked anyone in the face. Usually I just twitch dramatically.

  • Alyssa Loring

    IG question for you- how do you get so much color with so much brightness in your photos?

    • I use the Enlight app and I make the edit “high key” to make it bright. Usually what I am sharing is already pretty bright but sometimes I use the “target” option to add saturation or contrast. Mostly I just try to look for good lighting or something cool or colorful in the moment when I take the photo. It makes editing easier.

  • Don’t even get me started on the family stuff at our wedding. I wasn’t blogging at the time during our planning and it’s probably for the best. I didn’t want to write something I would regret later after the planning was over. Whatever you are dealing with, you aren’t alone there! Trust me.

    • Mine isn’t that anyone has done anything with wedding planning necessarily, it’s the anxiety I feel about my two sides of my family (who have not seen each other in over a decade) being in the same room. I worry that the stress I’ll feel will make it hard for me to enjoy the wedding.

      • If you makes you feel any better, I was worried about this as well. And I honestly forgot all about it the day off because I was so overcome with joy regarding the fact that I was marrying my best friend!

  • How can you tease the jingles and not share them?!?

  • Kelly

    YES on the blazer. I am an attorney and we have to wear legit suits quite often, so I’m trying to embrace the “casual blazer” but I’m like a) ew, gimme a t-shit and jeans, I’m sick of that, and b) if I’m buying a suit coat/blazer it better work for court. Which makes it not fun.

  • edb02a

    #7 made me laugh out loud!

  • Jae

    I think it’s normal that family and wedding plans don’t always go together. (You’d be surprised how Filipinos deal with these things in our wedding culture.) I’d be more worried if everything went smoothly without a few bumps in the road!

    • Ha. Maybe dealing with the family stuff is just an automatic part of wedding planning. It’s never easy, right? How do Filipinos deal with those things?

      • Jae

        DRAMA. Lots of family drama! To the point that one will consider boycotting the wedding altogether. I think it’s ridiculous, but it happens!

  • Dealing with family is definitely the hardest part of wedding planning! Gahhhh!

    • YES. The only true wedding drama I experienced was a family thing.

      • Val

        same here!!

    • It hasn’t been anything hard yet but I think as a child of divorce it’s hard to get rid of the anxiety that surrounds my two sides of my family being in the same room.

  • Dealing with family is definitely the hardest part of wedding planning! Gahhhh!

  • It’s really creepy how often I read your blog and have to double check that you, in fact said/wrote something, and not me. I had no idea you also had a “special” left ear. 3 surgeries later, and I still can’t hear from mine, resulting in many of those same awkward “what?” moments you mentioned.

    • My doctor told me I needed to go get a hearing test done etc. back in October and I still haven’t. Mostly because I’m scared they’d want to do something about it (like surgery or hearing aids) and I really am not in to the idea. Eeek.

      • Understood. You can always get the test for your own knowledge and ignore any of their suggestions. Hearing aids were an option for me and I straight up refused.

  • I love your Instagram, it is so great! I have thought of trying to transform mine to mirror yours but I like sharing my real, unstaged life!

    • I’m trying to show my real life more. That’s my goal these days. I’m telling you, Enlight (the photo editing app) is so freaking awesome. My main thing is that I am trying to make it more in the moment – like I’m not planning my whole Instagram for the week, I’m just taking pictures as I see things I like, editing them, and posting them. Less planning overall.

  • Visiting from the link up! Figuring out invitations and family stuff makes me want to elope when the time comes to get married!

  • Oh my god Im super ticklish too. I cannot stand pedicures

    Beth x

    Mermaid in Disguise

    • I usually do my own toes just to avoid it but every once and a while, I need someone to go to town on my heels etc. and it is misery.

  • I hate when I can’t hear the person talking! It’s awkward to keep having to ask “what?” every other sentence. I went to a bar on Saturday that was way too loud, and I couldn’t hear about 90% of what my friend was saying.. so I just sort of pretended to. haha

    • I hate loud restaurants and loud bars these days because the background noise just makes it that much harder to hear. I do a lot of smiling and nodding when I can’t hear also.

  • There’s many different ways to dress up a black blazer, but that would definitely get old.

    • It really really does. I don’t think I’ll ever wear one in my personal life again.

  • You would think they were ripping off my nails with how hard I squeeze the chair when getting a pedicure. One of the reasons I rarely get them done. And because I’m super cheap.

  • Moe

    Haha I can totally relate to #7! I made up a theme song for my boyfriend too, then complained to him that he didn’t make one for me!

  • My dog has a theme song too.

  • I have to wear a blazer to work now too and …. ugh. THE WORST. And I have a song for my dog too. It’s to the tune of “Little Drummer Boy.”

  • I thought wedding planning was a breeze except for the family stuff! I feel ya, lady.

  • Oh man, I know all about that family drama. In all seriousness, if you’d want someone to talk to about it, you’ve got my contact info 😉

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