You Probably Don’t Know…

Cactus in the Window

1. I am required to wear a black blazer every day to work. I used to think black blazers were a fun, versatile clothing item but now I kind of hate them.

2. I think the whole “oh my gosh let me see your ring!” and me sticking out my hand thing is super awkward.

3. I’m absurdly ticklish. Pedicures are torture.

4. After months of trying to improve my Instagram and striving for those perfect (staged) photos, I finally realized that it needed it to reflect my real life more. So I’m working on that. I discovered the photo editing app Enlight and have been using it on my recent Instagram photos and I think its editing capabilities make regular life look a lot more awesome. See the photo above and check out my Instagram.

5. The hardest part of wedding planning is family related stuff that I can’t share on the blog. The wedding details are easy. The family stuff? Not so much.

6. I started Blog Brighter because I felt weird just talking about myself all the time on this blog. I wanted to write, just not about me.

7. I have a jingle for almost everything. I wrote N and Archie their own theme songs and I sing them all the time. N never complains about this because his includes the phrase “handsome man” a lot.

8. I have really terrible hearing. It sometimes really embarrasses me because I have to ask people to repeat things a lot or I turn my head to listen with just my right ear (cause it’s better than my left).

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