The Year in Review: 2013


Does anyone else feel like the week between Christmas and New Year’s just doesn’t count? Today feels like Monday and I’m all out of whack. It’s blah. Can we get our party on for the New Year yet?

I’m in no rush to get to January though. January isn’t good for much except freezing your giblets off and setting a new personal record for consecutive hours of Netflix watched. If it gets cold enough maybe I can even get around to accomplishing my life goal of watching all the Harry Potter movies in a row. Dream big.

But since I’m not ready to jump into January yet, let’s take a look back at 2013…

2013 Year in Review


Like I said, January is the month for Netflix marathons and wearing yoga pants under your sweatpants (sexy). I didn’t do much quality blogging but I did watch a crap ton of Downton Abbey. When I wasn’t speaking in the worlds worst British accent (which N loved),  I shared my sorority girl past and wrote a letter to 16 year old Nadine.


In February, I shared the story about the time I got stuck in an elevator. In Paris. Drunk. I also gave you 7 reasons why you SHOULD date a guy from work. Because HR already background checked him, among other reasons. These days, I’m settled down. But before N, I was told straight to my face that I was not girlfriend material. And, in an effort to give my kids enough material for therapy, I also shared why I’ll give my kids embarrassing middle names. Future little girl, good luck dealing with “Elmira” on the playground.


In March I finally decided who I’d be if I were a TV/movie character. It’s a glorious combo. I also did a little blog world bashing. Have you ever thought about being a stay at home Mom someday? I hashed that out a bit on the interwebs and then shared 10 people who are cooler than me (hint: that list is 10, the real number of people cooler than me hovers around 6.79 billion).


By April, Archie had grown from rat to brat (no seriously, check out what he looked like at one week old). I also lied a bit, shared how to go about looking like you have your shit together, and invented the phrase “first world fit“. Then I shared why I blog and listed 5 books about blogging that you should be reading.


Around this point, I’d been a vegetarian for over a year so I shared the 5 foods I eat when I really miss meat. I also opened up about the first night I spent with N (trust me, it’s not what you think). Then I pondered why TV is actually good for you and what the Kardashians can teach us about blogging.


Baby Kimye was born so I wrote her a letter. N and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary. I also shared  how to use one of my favorite blog tools, Buffer and wrote the unwritten rules of blogging.


Sometime in July, I got a little homesick for California and bought a plane ticket on a whim. I also shared how Pinterest ruined weddings, decided I could never be a New Yorker, and pondered N’s American-ness.


By August, Miley Cyrus was twerking on everything and I asked you to forgive her. Don’t you have a couple of moments that you look back on and cringe? I also shared a few things that I thought would stop once we left our teenage years but actually, didn’t (coughaccidentalpregnancy). Later, I shared my 7 best pieces of puppy advice and wondered if I actually count as a writer. I still wonder about that.


Archie turned 1 in September and continuously proves that he is more popular than me by being repinned like crazy on Pinterest. He’s my favorite child but I also wondered if my own parents have a favorite kid. And after a number of rude run-ins with the neighbor kids, I vented about proper apartment etiquette. Later I also talked a bit about the 5 stages of grieving your youth.


In October I made the switch to WordPress! Three months later, I’m still loving it. On the blog front, I tried to keep it in perspective because it’s just a blog. I also shared what the bloggers you sponsor won’t tell you. And after a year of working with college students, I ranted about the 10 things college kids just don’t get. One of my favorite posts of the year was a random post about how I’d like others to see me someday.


Archie got fleas and I felt like a terrible mother. Then my bestie got engaged and I shared my ugly crying face with the world. I also wrote 10 reasons why living with your boyfriend is awesome. After a year of living together, it still is.


Do we have to recap December? It’s now. My most popular post this month (by far) was my thoughts on marriage post. The comments started some amazing discussions and are definitely worth scrolling through.

So that was 2013. Weirdly, the exercise of going back and looking over my old posts was a learning experience and was cool to see how far I’ve come. Sometimes it’s nice to look back over what you’ve written and decide what is crap and what isn’t. And there’s a whole lotta crap! There are posts I wish I’d never posted, dozens of drafts I wish I had, and there were clearly weeks that I just wasn’t feeling it. It’s been a good year and if you’re still sticking with me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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