A Winter Prediction

I’m going to predict that this winter will be warm and mild. In fact, I’m sure it will be. Because after 26 years on this earth, half of them spent in snowy climates (including 5 spent in Maine), I’ve finally purchased my first pair of L.L. Bean Boots.

Bean Boots #winter #fashion

Aren’t they beautiful?

And so now I’m certain that it won’t snow, just so I don’t get to wear them (I’m really really hoping it will though!). Although the Farmers Almanac says that we will have a wet and cold winter starting in mid-December. Fingers crossed! Check your winter weather predictions here.

Happy Friday!

  • Those are adorable! Too bad it doesn’t snow here in Houston (well, it does sometimes on rare, rare occasions).

  • I don’t even need them here in texas, but i want them.

  • I’ve been wanting bean boots for years now too! Maybe this winter will be the year I finally break down and buy them!

  • Brianne Bracco

    Those are pretty! Oh how I wish the central valley of California snowed like the Midwest/East…and then you have those who live in the snow wish for California weather…haha

  • Ha speaking of the Farmer’s Almanac, I checked it as soon as we set our wedding date – Derek thought I was crazy. I said it’s crazy NOT to check! I have always been a weather checker though, I like to be prepared!

  • I love these! I’ve been wearing rain boots for the last 7 winters. I think it’s time to upgrade to some adult winter boots.

  • Those boots are so adorable! I wish I lived in a place that gets snow just so I could wear them! 🙂

  • V

    My husband calls this ‘Sod’s Law’. If something can go wrong, it will. At least you’ll look great in the meantime!

    These boots are adorable. And it’s official. I’ve turned into my Mom. I can remember rolling my eyes as a teenager when my Mom would buy me something from LL Bean. Nowadays I think their stuff is really cute, especially the boots. Either LL Bean has changed, or I have…

    Have an awesome weekend!


  • Those boots are so cute!

    I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a mild winter in the west and a crazy winter in the east. I guess we’ll see!

  • Haha! It always works that way doesn’t it?

  • Mar

    They are beautiful! I purchased my first pair last fall. They are amazing! So comfy and warm, especially paired with wool socks. You’re going to love them 🙂

  • Come up to Calgary Alberta Canada. We already got our first snow fall. It was highly depressing! Also those boots are beautiful

  • those boots! I do need a new pair of winter boots…So cute!

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