Will I Have Bridesmaids?

Sometimes I worry that I won’t have any bridesmaids at my wedding.
(Starting off on a mildly pathetic note today)
No, I’m not engaged. But a girl can dream…

Let’s put it this way: I’ve done a less than stellar job of maintaining my college friendships.

My bestie Kaylin is a communication wiz. She never forgets to call, send a card, text, and her birthday gifts always come early. 
With most of my other friends from college, we’ve lost our regular day-in, day-out conversation. It was so easy when we all lived in the same 3 block radius. Now that we’re 3,500 miles apart, those everyday conversations have turned into 4 times a year “catch up” calls. It really makes me so sad.

And though I’ve lived on the east coast for nearly 3 years now, I haven’t made a ton of close girlfriends. Oh, I’ve tried. I’ve joined my area sorority alumni group, joined the local YMCA, taken classes at the local community college. Mostly in the hopes of making some friends. But I tell ya, friends in your mid-twenties are hard to come by. I related so much to this post by Sami the other day. 

Oh I’ve made some acquaintances. Even a close friend or two. But bridesmaid worthy friends? Not so much. 

So occasionally every single day, when I envision my wedding to Nav, I just can’t see who will be at my side.

My colors will not be blush and bashful. Name that movie! It’s one of my faves.

Now I’ve got a sister so that’s one that’s taken care of. She will be standing by my side, for sure. Of course, Kaylin will be there too. That’s a no-brainer. But who else?

The bottom line: I don’t have enough close girl friends. I’m trying so hard to branch out and make new friends on the east coast but it’s much harder as an adult. 

You know how they have retirement communities for those 60+? I want to live in a mid-twenties community. It will have all the same amenities as a retirement community only there will be a bar instead of bingo. Would that not be a successful business model? Don’t steal my idea. It’s brilliant.
So there you have it. Growing up can suck big time. So a little part of me looks forward to the day when I can join some pre-natal yoga or move to the burbs where we have a street full of kids with parents our age. Just so we can be there with people in our same life stage. It’s simultaneously sad but hopeful. Am I alone in this?


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