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I read so many of these posts yesterday and it got me thinking about why we work. I kept thinking, it’s so many things! I just does. I couldn’t tell you exactly why. So as we laid in bed last night, N asleep hours before me, I jotted down a couple of reasons why I feel lucky to be in a relationship with N and why I think that we work.

I admire him. He is one of the people in the world I most want to be like. He’s one of those people who you meet and you instantly know that he’s good, through and through. He always has good intentions.

He’s calm and level-headed. I’m more prone to overreaction and emotionally based decisions. Sometimes he keeps me from acting on those. Sometimes he just let’s it happen and is there for me in the fallout.

We like to do the same things. We like many of the same TV shows, restaurants, and activities. We both love sci-fi and techy Youtube videos, Dr. Who, and tons of other stuff that falls under the category of “actually nerdy” not, “cool hipster nerdy”.

One of my favorite photos of us.

We fight fair. And infrequently. And usually about stupid stuff, like me telling him how to drive.

We both don’t mind that Archie runs our life, takes up more space in bed than both of us, and generally is the center of attention.

We’re smart in different ways and on different subjects. He’s directionally challenged but super book smart. I’m his navigator in the car. I’m more common sense smart but am terrible at math. What’s 20% off of $26.99? Wait, let me get my iPhone out. Or ask N.

He never complains that we only eat vegetarian food. Never.

We want the same things in life. Marriage, kids, the whole shebang. We talk about our future kids all the time and it doesn’t scare him. I know he’ll be a phenomenal Dad. He tells me frequently that I’ll be a great Mom. You know that quote “don’t marry a man unless you’d be proud to have a son just like him”? That. All of that. I want them to be exactly like him.

The truth is, we work for all of these reasons combined and more. It’s too hard to pinpoint. But really it’s just that I can’t imagine my life without him. Not for one second. Not when his sweaty leg is invading my side of the bed at 2am, not when I’m being forced against my will to watch ESPN, and not when I ask him to empty the dishwasher for the 1,200th time. Really he’s just my favorite person to be around because he makes every day, every minute better. Life is so much better with him.

Plus he’s all kinds of Persian sexy. Had to do it. Sahh-reee.


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