Why I’ll Give My Kids Embarrassing Middle Names

Naveed doesn’t have a middle name.
I think it’s weird.
There…I said it. It’s weird. 

I like my middle name. 
For years I liked it better than my first name.

In my household, middle names were only used for discipline.
If I was being bad, you can bet I got “NADINEREBECCA.”
Middle name = trouble.
That’s why, whenever I’m mad at Nav, I make up a middle name for him.
It’s funny and it breaks the tension. Plus I’m super creative with the name game.

For that reason, and the fact that you don’t use middle names much, 
I’ve plotted to give my children mildly embarrassing middle names.
Just mildly embarrassing. We aren’t trying to give them too much therapy material.

Will it not make the discipline easier 
if they desperately don’t want me to drop their middle name in public? 
It’s a genius plan folks, and I urge you to get on board.

I had a friend in college who had a hilarious middle name.
It always made us chuckle.
And remember Chandler’s (Friends reference, duh) middle name?

So their first names are going to be all class.
Now obviously, I’m not going to tell you because I don’t want you to steal my baby names.
But I will say that Naveed and I have discussed a theme for the middle names of all of our (long in the future) children. Cause that’s the kind of stuff we do on long car rides. Or 10pm trips to taco bell.

Here are some great ones we’ve come up with:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme (Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael)
Bands of the 70’s and 80’s theme (Hall, Oates, Duran, Jovi)
Names of buildings on our college campuses theme (Shields, Ryland, Wellman)

And the one Naveed would never agree to but I would just love:

Harry Potter theme (Dumbledore, Hermione, Ronald, Severus, Minerva)

What are your thoughts on middle names? You don’t really use them, right?
May as well have a little fun…

  • Fun idea! I go by my middle name, so I use it obviously every day haha

    • I really never thought of that but now that I do, I realize my mom went by her middle name until she officially made it her first name. Crazy.

  • Haha okay two responses to that…
    1. My brother’s middle name is Angelo and as kids we thought it was extremely mutant turtle-ish!
    2. My daughter’s middle name is Darwin. Blaire Darwin. I often wonder how/what people or she will think of it later.

    Love the college idea! Very meaningful! Cute post!

    • I LOVE your daughters middle name. Amazing choice.

  • I go by my middle name so I do use it all the time but I love this idea! I mean my middle name is Mosby which is weird so I guess my parents did that to me!

    • That’s so cute! Mosby. I love it.

  • I go by middle name too, and always have. I don’t want my kids to do that (since it’s super annoying on the first day of school) but I can’t imagine not having a middle name!

    • I can’t imagine not having a middle name either! Naveed’s name always sounds like it’s missing something to me.

  • I went by my middle name throughout my entire life and I got so sick of being called the wrong name all the time (my first name was Lauren – super easy compared to Alexa..)
    So I actually got a legal name change and swapped my first and middle names! And kept my maiden, AND added my married last name, so I have four names and this super fun story to tell at parties.

    • Wow! Those are some big changes. See, maybe my future kids will wind up loving their middle names.

  • That’s an adorable idea! I personally love the Harry Potter theme. I would definitely do that if my husband allowed it!

    • I totally would too. I’m not even kidding. But Naveed would never allow it.

  • I totally want to go with the Harry Potter theme!
    I also like in How I Met Your Mother how Marvin’s middle name is waitforit. Marvin Waitforit Erikson…I haven’t talked my husband into that one yet though.

    • I can’t believe I forgot about that one! Marvin waitforit Erikson. Such a great one.

  • I used to like my middle name better than my first name too! My middle name is Lynn. If I heard it out of my parents mouth, I knew I was in trouble!

    • Hey, another NADINE! I love it. I didn’t like it for so long but now I am happy that it’s unique.

  • Haha this is hilarious! I wish I would have thought of this before my son was born 😀 I love the Harry Potter themed ones best!!

  • Haha! I love the Harry Potter ones…too funny!

  • Just had to pop in to tell you how much I ADORE this post! Hilarious! Keep it up girl!

  • Omg this is hilarious. The ninja turtles theme is amazing!!

  • Def the Harry Potter the names!

  • Haha my middle name was only used when I was in trouble too “DANIELLEELIZABETH” or if I was really bad it was just “ELIZABETH!” …I love your genius plan!

    • Thank you! I swear middle names are great for discipline.

  • This is a great idea!! My middle name is Lake, which I was totally embarrassed about when I was young but now I love it. It’s fun to have a unique name that you know had a meaning behind it, even if it’s just parents wanting to be silly. 🙂

    • Oooh I love the name Lake. So unique but not straight up weird. Nice job, parents.

  • I wanted my middle name to be my first name too when I was younger because I thought Laurene was a much prettier name But I love my name, a little unique and wouldn’t change itI agree with you, middle names mean you are in TROUBLE!

    • I think most people make peace with their names as they get older. I felt the same way about Nadine but now I love it.

  • I love the theme of building names at your college. I think that would be so fun! My middle name is Colleen. . . nothing too bad!

  • I Love my middle name (Joy) and I love my daughters middle name (Hope). Middle names are a pretty ridiculous idea though since they’re NEVER used.

  • Haha! I love the Harry Potter names… do it.

    I actually use my middle name (Lianne) as my last name most of the time because I think the names go well together and I don’t like my last name!

    • That’s a good idea and it’s also good for protecting your identity in the workplace. I never use my last name with blog stuff.

  • I love the Friends reference 🙂 and the Harry Potter and Ninja Turtles names idea! Cute post!

  • growing up i always wanted a ‘real’ middle name. mine is just j. ive grown to love it though!

    • That’s pretty unique. I’ve never heard of someone just having a letter for their middle name. I like it though.

  • This is a genius plan. I like crazy family names for middle names.

  • Hahaha… This cracks me up. I LOVE LOVE the Harry Potter themed names. My dog’s middle name is Weasley, actually…

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  • When I give my kids name, I will be calling them by their middle name. I have some adorable names too. Only problem is I wont be having kids.

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  • Sarah

    One of my moms best friends daughters (so of course she was my best friend growing up) was Amanda Katherine Jane Lynn Marie Foster, when she was in trouble she got MANDAJANELYNNMARIEFOSTER (her mom only wanted one child, so made sure she got all the names she needed to in there lol).
    I have a love hate relationship with my own middle name. I was give my fathers mother & my own mothers middle names (Gene cause my great grandmother didn’t know how to spell Jean), So mom combined her’s (Jean) & my grandmothers (Gene) into Gean which is mine. Now I kind of love my middle name & may even consider passing it down to my own daughter one day, so it will connect four separate generations.

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