Why I Left California

I always knew I would leave California. You know when you just know that something isn’t right? It’s that uneasiness in the pit of your stomach. 
Me and California, we were just never a good fit.
Why I Left California
I’d lived in California since I was 12. I lived by the ocean and later in the valley.
I visited LA and I spent a lot of time in San Francisco.
I even worked for the Governor at the State Capitol.
But in the back of my mind I always knew, I would leave this place.
You see, California is beautiful. There are landscapes that will literally take your breath away.
Sights that will change your whole view on life.

Yosemite, 2006
It’s epic.
It’s beautiful.
It’s chock full a liberals (my people!).
And let’s face it, it sounds a lot cooler to say you’re from California.
But the east coast called to me.
With each visit, I became more invested in the idea.
One day, I thought, I would pack up  my car and drive back here.
I’d build a life for myself. In a little brick house.
I’d marry an east coast boy.
He wouldn’t shy away from looking preppy.
He’d be a bit less laid back but perhaps have better manners than
the California guys I’d grown accustomed to.
I imagined myself happy there.
The power of the mind is incredible.
Mostly, I built the east coast up in my mind.
The same way so many people do about California.
I’m not here to bash but let’s just look at some of the reasons why
Me + Cali  M.F.E.O. (Made for Each Other. Duh)
1. Much of Southern California is a cement jungle. And the freeways are always crowded and happen to be 10 lanes across. Every time you drive on one, it’s terrifying.
2. SF’s real estate market is on target with New York. Ouch.
3. The central valley is a hotbed for gang violence and pesticides.
4. Too much fake. Everything. Think about it.
5. The job market sucked when I graduated. It still isn’t great.
6. Nothing is close together. You are either in SF or LA or SD. They are all hours and hours apart from each other. Where I live now, I have 4 major cities within 2 hours of me.
7. I don’t like stucco and terra cotta roofs. Spanish style housing, if you will. And there is tons of it. Give me an old building with brick and shutters and I’m a happy girl.
8. I couldn’t ever see myself sending my kids to school there. They wouldn’t get snow days and I’d feel like I was robbing them of a piece of childhood.
9. My family wasn’t there. Yup, all my people are east coasters. I had to be with them.
So there you have it. Why I left California. It’s the #1 question I’ve been asked since I moved to the east coast and it’s so easy but so difficult to answer. 
To put it in the nicest sorority girl terms, it “wasn’t a good fit.” Snap. Snap. Snap.

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