Why I Blog

I have no idea why I blog.
In the beginning I was a blog lurker. 
For years I just read.
Didn’t leave a single comment.

Then I was like, if they can do it, I can do it.
So I started a blog. And for a long time, my Mom was my only reader.
Because that ish was boooo-ring.

Don’t look at my archives. Just don’t.
At first I wanted to blog about how I was trying to save money and be a real grown up.
That was my first mistake.
Why? Because I’m not that great at saving money. I’m not a grown up.
And it basically left me with zero interesting subject matter.
I have no idea why anyone started reading my blog.
Somehow, 100 people found me and I was like, how?

Overtime, it evolved into something else.
I changed my blog name. 
Kept writing.
And somewhere along the way, I found my voice.

After living on the east coast for a year, I still had very few real life friends.
Blogging gave me a community that I craved.
It gave me something to do besides set a world record 
for the number of consecutive hours of Netflix watched.
Oh and it also made my days in my cubicle a lot less dull.
These days, I try to write articles mixed in with personal stuff.
I don’t want my blog to just be me me me.
I wanted to entertain.
I just like the challenge of it all.
Basically I pretend like I’m a future Buzzfeed writer.

I think I really like the cause and effect of blogging.
When I write a crap post, there are less comments.
When I write a post that’s really great, people respond. 
It encourages me to become a better writer.
And hell, I didn’t even know I wanted to be a writer.
But I guess I do.

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