Why Can’t We Play With Guns?

If you clicked here thinking this was going to be anything about politics, think again.
Though you can go ahead and enter something crazy liberal here for my opinions on that.
Cross that off the Bill of Rights, see if I care. 

But really, we’re talking about childhood. 
And how I was deprived for most of mine.

You see, my crazy liberal mother (is that where I get that from?) decided that seeing any type of violence, fake or otherwise, would be damaging to our young developing minds.

Yes, I was one of those kids who never had a fake gun, sword, or weapon of any kind.
No Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or any movie with any fighting.
See, told you. Deprived.

The significance of this? Lost on me. Could be fake for all I know.

How could I fight with the other kids over which Power Ranger I got to “be”?
And what about the time I said, “the blue one” only to be made fun of because duh, 
the blue one is a boy. 
That’s when I learned: when unsure, always pick pink.

I missed out on light saber fighting, a decent amount of lazer tag, and wearing skin tight body suits (wait, I made up for that in college). 
My brother never got to play with Army men, G.I. Joe, or Transformers.
What replaced all this non-sense (to quote Meighan) was good, wholesome fun.


Me and this kid played in the barn (yes, barn), made our own hiking trails, read tons of books, and played Risk. Nothing says “normal” like a constant quest for global domination. 

So was my childhood ruined?
No. Not by this at least.

But I will say that to this day when my friends get all nostalgic about their favorite tv shows, halloween costumes, or video games, I’m clueless. Seriously. 

I’ve been made fun of well into adulthood for my lack of knowledge of basically anything that happened on Saturday mornings in the 90’s.

Thanks, Mom.


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