I Know Where You Live – WHOIS Data and Why it’s Important


Okay, I don’t know where all of you live. But some of you, I do.

I’ve mentioned before that as a blogger, I worry about my personal safety. There is one thing that I am absolutely stunned that more bloggers don’t know about: WHOIS privacy protection.

WHOIS what?

WHOIS Data and Why It's Important

The WHOIS is the information about who owns a domain name. It includes your first and last name, as well as your address. If you’re like me, when you purchased your domain name you opted to pay about $10 extra a year for privacy protection. That means that your name and address are unlisted. It’s kind of like not being in the phone book of the internet.

Privacy Protected WHOIS

I am STUNNED by how many bloggers don’t have privacy protection on their domain names. If you don’t, I can see where you live RIGHT NOW. I can get on Google Maps and see a picture of your house. I could come stalk you in person (I won’t, I promise).

Are you scared yet?

Sure, with IP Addresses and Google you could probably find out where most people live. I would just rather not make it that easy for someone  to find me. I went through and looked up the web addresses for some of my favorite blogs and trust me, there are a lot of you who have all your personal data out there for people to see.

Do you have a .blogspot.com name? Then this isn’t something you have to worry about. But if you bought your domain name through the Blogger admin panel (as I did when I used Blogger) check your WHOIS immediately. My domain was privacy protected for one year and when I renewed it through Google Checkout, it did not add privacy protection for the second year. Thus, my address was out there for the world to see.

Want to see if you have privacy protection? Click this link and type in your domain name. You are listed as the “registrant.” If your name and address come up and you aren’t down with that, contact your registrar (Enom, Godaddy, etc. as is listed at the top of the WHOIS information) and get privacy protection added ASAP.

You’re welcome in advance for ensuring that you never become the “blogger murder” case that a Law & Order: SVU episode is based off of.

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