Who Would Play Me?

Have you ever really thought about who would play you 
if your life were a sitcom or a movie?
Or really, what character combination would be the most “you”?

I love tv. I watch way too much of it.
And at any given time, I’ve seen at least 3 movies at the theaters.
I regularly watch an alarming number of tv shows.
You name it, I probably watch it.
So it’s safe to say, if my life was a sitcom, it’d be pretty dull.
Maybe I won’t pitch that to the tv execs anytime soon…
But we’re getting off track here…
Today, since there’s a good chance that you’re new around here,
(if you’re stopping by from Messy Dirty Hair, Hi!)
I’ll give you a clearer picture of what I’d be like, in character form.


1. She’s a bit bossy, a control freak, and doesn’t want her kids to do any of the stuff she did when she was younger. Oh Claire, Modern Family somehow made you neurotic but lovable. Wait, neurotic people can be lovable, right? Right!?!
2. He sings everything that he does and wants to save the world. Boom! My songwriting skills rival Taylor Swift Kanye Phoebe Buffay. Think Smelly Cat. Oh and by day, I work for a childhood cancer non-profit. See? Marshall and I just might be M.F.E.O. (name that movie) or the exact same person.
3. If you don’t recognize this epic meltdown, we can’t be friends. Okay, we can, but only if you promise to watch Steel Magnolias ASAP (what on earth did you do on sick days as a kid?). M’lynn worries. About everything. And when her worries wind up being justified, she loses her shit. M’lynn is my homegirl. 
If someone was a combination of the above,
dog obsessed,
and loved that’s-what-she-said jokes,
wouldn’t that just be the perfect character?
Couldn’t keep a straight face on that one.
To put nicely, they’d be “quirky”.
That’s me.
Though I totally wish I could tell you that I’d be some combination of these cool characters.

I’m just not that chill/non-traditional/clever.
For the record, Naveed would be alarmingly like Ross from Friends.
It’s probably one of the reasons I fell in love with him.
Sappy sappy vom vom. 
What characters would be the most “you”?



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