Who Knows YOU Best?

If you need someone in life to consistently reaffirm your awesomeness, who wants to spend every possible second with you, and who doesn’t mind loves sleeping 2 inches from your face, get a dog

I’d also venture to say that Archie knows me better than anyone on this planet. Why?

Archie overhears every conversation that Naveed and I have. He knows our short and long term goals, our ridiculous dreams, and is privy to every conversation we’d be too embarrassed to tell anyone else we have. 

Archie knows all of my secret single behavior (SATC reference, anyone?) i.e. all the stuff I only do when I’m alone. 

This may or may not include: singing loudly, listening to swing music and leading my invisible dance partner, seeing how long I can hold a handstand against the wall of our dining room, drinking directly out of the milk carton, and desperately attempting to learn Anna Kendrick’s Cup song

Archie’s thoughts on privacy: Oh, you’re taking a shower? Cool, I’ll come too. 

He never ever gets annoyed by me, sick of me, or pissed off about my snarky comments. Ever. 

How awesome is that? So the next time you do something completely embarrassing in front of your dog, just remember, that precious creature will always keep all of your secrets.


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