Who do you dress for?

Sometimes I see fashion bloggers posts and I wonder, where are they going? Is it so much more exciting than where I’m going? I’m pretty convinced that many fashion bloggers dress just to have something to blog about.

My days are not glamorous. Most days I see about three people: N, my boss, and the checkout person at the grocery store. So I dress for me. I try to be a little trendy. A slouchy tee, a braid in my hair. I carry the same bag every day and it always has my MacBook Air in it, my planner, tons of pens, crumpled up receipts, and at least 7 lip products.

It’s not the most exciting of outfits. But it was comfy as I ran work errands yesterday and let me cling on to summer for just a few more days, maybe wearing these sandals for the last time this season.
Realistically, I can’t figure out how fashion bloggers do it. I put on wedge booties and then think, why? Maybe it’s because they’re gallivanting about fabulous cities. Maybe they don’t think that heels are mini torture devices (like I do). Or perhaps their love of high fashion is just something that my t-shirt and jeans loving butt just can’t grasp. But this is what I’d look like if you ran into me at the grocery store. And that’s just fine with me.

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