Who do you dress for?

Sometimes I see fashion bloggers posts and I wonder, where are they going? Is it so much more exciting than where I’m going? I’m pretty convinced that many fashion bloggers dress just to have something to blog about.

My days are not glamorous. Most days I see about three people: N, my boss, and the checkout person at the grocery store. So I dress for me. I try to be a little trendy. A slouchy tee, a braid in my hair. I carry the same bag every day and it always has my MacBook Air in it, my planner, tons of pens, crumpled up receipts, and at least 7 lip products.

It’s not the most exciting of outfits. But it was comfy as I ran work errands yesterday and let me cling on to summer for just a few more days, maybe wearing these sandals for the last time this season.
Realistically, I can’t figure out how fashion bloggers do it. I put on wedge booties and then think, why? Maybe it’s because they’re gallivanting about fabulous cities. Maybe they don’t think that heels are mini torture devices (like I do). Or perhaps their love of high fashion is just something that my t-shirt and jeans loving butt just can’t grasp. But this is what I’d look like if you ran into me at the grocery store. And that’s just fine with me.

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  • I agree! I’ll see so many fashion posts and think some are cute outfits, but also think, honestly, WHERE would I wear that? I’ve got two rough-housing boys, I can’t run around all day in stilettos {nor do my feet really want to} and a pencil skirt. I would at work, but my current job has me working alone for the most part, so no one to impress here! LOL http://www.styleoyster.blogspot.com

  • Ah I totally agree! And I see the Mommy Fashion bloggers who I know stay home all day. So they just get dressed up with full makeup for their “hubby” to take the picture and then I bet they throw on a raggity old tshirt and baggy sweats and deal with puke and poop. I guess keeping up appearances right?

    I dress for me too, and it’s never fashion blogger status. Just whatever makes me feel good that day.

    carelessly graceful

  • haha, i see that sometimes as well! you should always dress for yourself though, i find that so strange that people wouldn’t!

    lindsey louise


  • I know that some fashion bloggers will photograph multiple outfits which is kind of crazy to me. I respect them for doing something they’re passionate about but I find most of them to be extremely unrealistic for “everyday life”. As always, great post, Nadine! Posts like this are one of the many reasons why I love your blog so much!

  • Agree! Fashion bloggers are pretty ridiculous. Where is the substance? I skip EVERY fashion/OOTD post on bloglovin…every.singe.one. If I want fashion advice I’ll go to LaurenConrad.com 🙂


  • Yea, those fashion bloggers. And I’m with you on… so who exactly am I seeing today? When I taught prek I wore, like, really I did this… leggings and a shirt with a scarf nearly EVERY DAY. Now that I’m in an office where I see these people who drive multiple Mercedes and wear custom made suits and things like that, I care about what I’m wearing. To the point where sometimes I see “office” clothes and I go, nope. Too much cleavage. Too short. And so those fashion bloggers, I don’t see where they fit into this world. Unless they think they live on a runway?!?

  • I agree!!! Who wants to walk around in uncomfortable heels. Its like they dont live in a any sort of reality. I dont even wanna wear a pair of heels from my car to my desk at work. Lol. You pretty much hit the nail on the head. And your outfit is more my type of fashion anyway!

  • I dress for myself too. I dress partially for the office, because we tend to be casual but still put together. Basically, I just switch up my look because I get bored.

  • Love love love this post! I love to wear a cute outfit, but my dressing up is dressing down to some of these fashion bloggers. I love how real this post is!

  • I want to be added to the list of people who see you.

  • sometimes i see all these fashion posts and wonder, why am i not looking like that?? and then i step back in think, why in the WORLD would i want to go to target looking like that 🙂 ps love the casual outfit you have, and quite frankly you need to tell us where they are from! ESP the BAG and Shirt!

  • I was tweeting about this the other day. I work in ‘fashion’ and I still don’t understand it. I wear heels sometimes, if I have a meeting or something, or if I’m feeling fancy…or going to church. Otherwise I LIVE in flats. I try to dress nicely/trendy, I need to look like I know what I’m talking about. I just wonder where in the heck are these girls going dressed like this? I dress for me. And occasionally boys.

  • I’m right there with you girl. I’m a comfort over style everyday! I try and add a little flair, but you will see me in flats before heels always!

  • I feel similarly. And I find heels so painful too! I used to live in them, but now my feet can’t take it.

    There are only a handful of girls my age at my job (at least on my floor) and they all look like supermodels every morning. So that’s my incentive to try harder, but it’s still hard for me because I love comfortable, simple outfits.

    Big Apple, Little Bites

  • i dress up for me every day. my office has no dress code so some of my coworkers will even show up in pajamas. but i am usually there in cute flats with either a dress or jeans and button down. my last job had a very strict dress code so i love that i can wear my favorite clothes all the time now instead of just on the weekends.

  • I always wonder… how many outfits do these people HAVE?? If I took pictures of my clothes every day, you’d probably see the exact same combination I wore last Monday, and so on. (Plus I’d be wearing running shoes in all of them, because they’re way more comfortable and keep my feet warmer than flats in my chilly office.)

    But I do have to ask: where is that cute brown bag from? 😉

  • I enjoy fashion bloggers mostly because I can never pull off half the getups they do! Working in San Francisco there are a lot of fashionistas and I find inspiration from their styles (and most time I pair it with flats!)

  • When I’m dressing to take care of kids who spill and spit on me i know I can’t always look super chic, the idea of looking like a fashion blogger is fun but not realistic for most lifestyles.

  • I went through a phase of wearing certain things because “that’s what was in”…even though I didn’t exactly feel comfortable and my husband would ask, “what the hell are you wearing??”. So I found my happy medium. Dressing for me and what I like. I find that brings out some major inner confidence.

  • I work from home, so I can often times be found in leggings, a slouchy tee and comfy pair of moccasins. That being said, I LOVE fashion. The more ridiculous, the better. Because I’m home alone all day, the occasions where I DO get to “dress up” and go out feel really special. I’ll wear giant floppy hats…costume jewelry…a ridiculous leather fringe skirt….the highest heeled booties I can find…whatever I’m in the mood for. BUT, I do it for me. My husband always begs me to wear something more “simple” or less “flashy”, and I have to remind him I didn’t get dressed up for him in the first place! 😉

  • I really love your bag, where did you get it?


  • Wahhhh it drives my NUTS when fashion bloggers where really ridiculous outfits! I just don’t understand the point of even blogging the outfit if there’s no one who will even be inspired by it because it’s just that ridiculous and no one would have anywhere to wear it to… other than maybe a celebrity. And kudos to you if you have one following you! But anyways, I just happen to like your simple outfit. That shirt looks super light and comfy! Where’d you find it?

    <3 danielle

  • I currently work at a clothing store that sells very trendy and high fashion clothing, and I feel so awkward and out of place there. I’m definitely a jeans and tee gal. I sometimes feel over dressed wearing earrings…

  • I agree with u completely on posting up more of the realistic outfits like the ones that u actually wear to somewhere! And that’s why the blogs I like to follow are more of the practical ones that I can connect with 🙂 Keeping our own real style in our own ways are key!

  • Soooo agree. I love heels and wedges, but this girl can’t do it for very long.

  • I think it helps that I only do outfit posts once in awhile, so I can just pick a day when I’ve decided to put on something cute to take the photos, but I can’t imagine having to come up with multiple “fashion” outfits every week. I definitely think the final outfits are an exaggerated version of their own style for the sake of interesting pictures, for sure. Sans camera they might wear less jewelry, or whatever. I know in my latest post, I love the heels I paired with it, but I also only put that on for a few hours in the afternoon (lunch out, etc). If I’d actually put it on as a “hey wear this all day” outfit, I’d definitely have worn flats!

  • seriously agree! if i’m not in a monkey suit (work clothes – which even those are kinda basic, “business casual”), you will catch me 99% of the time in sweatpants, yoga pants, sneakers, and a t-shirt or hoodie. i’m all about the comfort. fashion bloggers blow my mind, i don’t really get the purpose other than like “look at all my nice stuff and how put together i look”. <- that sounds rude but i don’t mean it to be, i just… don’t get it.

  • This was kind of a rough post for me to read. I blog about style and fashion and don’t consider any of the above comments applicable. Not all fashion bloggers wear ridiculous things. I wear what I wear to work. Sometimes I dress more casual and other times it’s dressier. I am usually the most dressed up person in my office, but I like to look nice. If I don’t wear it to work (where I am 80% of my time), where else would I get to wear it?!? I feel like clothes are a way to express yourself and why put another person down because you don’t understand?!

    Not all these comments are directed towards you Nadine, but more towards everyone going off below. Popular fashion bloggers post outfits no one else would wear. I like to get ideas and make it my own because I can’t afford designer everything. They should be viewed more as inspiration. Maybe people should be less judgmental and more accepting of others and their creative outlets.

  • I love your look and think the same thing about fashion bloggers. I tried wearing heels to and from the metro when I lived in DC and while I looked fierce (at least in my mind) I was crying on the inside. So eventually I joined the smart group of women and wore flats or sneakers to work and then changed…sometimes didn’t! Stay true to you.

  • I love love love fashion posts but about 2% of the looks are outfits I could ever get away with wearing to work. And when I’m not at work, I’m in PJs or a T-shirt and jeans. Sometimes I don’t even buy something I love because I will literally have NO place to wear it!

  • If I took a photo of what I am wearing today you would yawn and say boring………….you though look great but you have a figure I am round but thinking about it round is a shape oh yeah I was talking about figures not shapes I have a shape not a figure

  • You look 10 times more glamorous than I do want to daily basis!

    And yes, heels are truly a torture device

  • I love fashion posts, but I look at them the same way I look at magazines – cool outfits I’m never, ever going to wear. Most of my outfits look a lot like yours – jeans or leggings, a v-neck and a scarf. And I think I’m pretty damn cute.

  • Haha, I TOTALLY agree, most fashion bloggers really do dress up to have someone take pictures and then write all of five words about their outfit!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Chelsea

    More often than not my posts are outfit posts, BUT I am honest in the fact that I actually wear the things I post (which is probably reflected in my more simple outfits than most fashion bloggers, haha). I love to see what people actually wear, and when an outfit is done without someone wearing heels I love it (cause I suck at heels, seriously). If you ever catch me in a heeled shoe it’s probably a tiny wedge, ha!

  • I don’t dress for anyone. Maybe if I did I’d look put together on a daily basis.

  • I feel that when I start a new job or new semester with new students, I tend to dress better. And then we all get to know each other and I stop caring if they think I dress like a slob. I’m comfortable. When I’m comfortable I’m happier…win win for everyone.

  • The perfect Fall outfit!

    Thank you for linking up with Style Sessions!

    Lauren xx

  • Love that top! And the whole outfit really 🙂

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