When Two Nerds Take A Road Trip


Shirt: Old Navy, gift   Skirt: Goodwill, $5    Shoes: Payless, $19.99

I freaking love road trips.
That could be because I hate flying but really it’s because duh, they’re fun!
The license plate game, picking playlists, talking about future plans.
Ah, road trips. Love ’em.
I’d say my road trip buddy perhaps doesn’t feel the same way.
So obviously I overcompensate and really bring the MOST FUN version of me, 
plus some cheese curls.
And I make him drive the whole way, thereby making me the DJ because 
picking songs on Spotify while driving is dangerous.
So really, I was doing him a favor.
Here is a playlist that will slowly crush your boyfriends soul:
I Wanna Dance With Somebody – Whitney Houston
Heartbreaker – Mariah Carey
Attempt to hit every high note. Every. Single. One.
Bonus points if you can do the entire Jay-Z rap section.
Lucky for Nav, I can!
Mockingbird – James Taylor and Carly Simon
Sing both parts of the duet.
Spice Up Your Life – The Spice Girls
10-15 Minutes of House Music 
Make sure you dance like you are at a rave,
twirling an invisible glow stick in your hands.
Smile and wave at other drivers who stare.
When your arms get tired (congrats, you just got a workout in!), 
it’s time for the ultimate road trip music pick:
The RENT Soundtrack
525,600 minutes! Sing it loud!

Just when you think he’s really going to throw himself out of the speeding car, 
cut him a break and put on the ultimate nerd noise:
We effing love podcasts. 
My favorite is called This American Life on Public Radio International.
I’m telling you, it is 500 times more interesting than music when you’re walking the dog.
It’s basically 3-5 stories per hour so you never get bored.
I have a short attention span so it works. 
Nav prefers podcasts about techy stuff, so I let him DJ for a bit and we learned all about Google and some upcoming Droid releases. It was magical.
Then we listened to one about North Korea. Less magical.
These generally start elaborate conversations ending in me shouting 
and something like
…we could blow them off the planet!
…Google is secretly running us!
…people have the power to change their own lives!
(all real quotes)
Add some podcasts to your regular car rotation.
You’ll learn so much random stuff that you’ll feel like a genius.
I personally love reprising my grade school role of “know it all.”




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