When Two Nerds Take A Road Trip


Shirt: Old Navy, gift   Skirt: Goodwill, $5    Shoes: Payless, $19.99

I freaking love road trips.
That could be because I hate flying but really it’s because duh, they’re fun!
The license plate game, picking playlists, talking about future plans.
Ah, road trips. Love ’em.
I’d say my road trip buddy perhaps doesn’t feel the same way.
So obviously I overcompensate and really bring the MOST FUN version of me, 
plus some cheese curls.
And I make him drive the whole way, thereby making me the DJ because 
picking songs on Spotify while driving is dangerous.
So really, I was doing him a favor.
Here is a playlist that will slowly crush your boyfriends soul:
I Wanna Dance With Somebody – Whitney Houston
Heartbreaker – Mariah Carey
Attempt to hit every high note. Every. Single. One.
Bonus points if you can do the entire Jay-Z rap section.
Lucky for Nav, I can!
Mockingbird – James Taylor and Carly Simon
Sing both parts of the duet.
Spice Up Your Life – The Spice Girls
10-15 Minutes of House Music 
Make sure you dance like you are at a rave,
twirling an invisible glow stick in your hands.
Smile and wave at other drivers who stare.
When your arms get tired (congrats, you just got a workout in!), 
it’s time for the ultimate road trip music pick:
The RENT Soundtrack
525,600 minutes! Sing it loud!

Just when you think he’s really going to throw himself out of the speeding car, 
cut him a break and put on the ultimate nerd noise:
We effing love podcasts. 
My favorite is called This American Life on Public Radio International.
I’m telling you, it is 500 times more interesting than music when you’re walking the dog.
It’s basically 3-5 stories per hour so you never get bored.
I have a short attention span so it works. 
Nav prefers podcasts about techy stuff, so I let him DJ for a bit and we learned all about Google and some upcoming Droid releases. It was magical.
Then we listened to one about North Korea. Less magical.
These generally start elaborate conversations ending in me shouting 
and something like
…we could blow them off the planet!
…Google is secretly running us!
…people have the power to change their own lives!
(all real quotes)
Add some podcasts to your regular car rotation.
You’ll learn so much random stuff that you’ll feel like a genius.
I personally love reprising my grade school role of “know it all.”




  • I love that outfit! I also love podcasts…if you like This American Life you might like the Moth too, that is my fave.

  • haha oh god! My boyfriend hates some of my road trip playlists, although we can oddly agree on 90’s songs!

  • Okay do you know what your playlist and picture reminded me of?? The Heartbreak kid movie with Ben Stiller and the part where they are driving to Mexico for their honeymoon and she sang every single song that played? HAHAHAHAHAH I am laughing out loud right now!!!

    Again, you are the bomb diggity! Can we be pen pals? haha!!

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  • I love your “THIS IS AMERICA…” quote. I say that ALL the time when people talk about war and other stuff.

    Me and Ben fight over music CONSTANTLY. it is our biggest problem. which I guess is a good thing, haha.

    loooooooove your outfit!

  • This post brightened my day 🙂 We drive everywhere too, mostly because we’re broke. The trip to NC in June should be about 11 hours so I’m stocking up. BF hates my taste in music, but podcasts are a great idea!

  • I love this outfit and your playlist! My boyfriend loves podcasts. He’s currently working on one on British history. That puts me to sleep so he lets me listen to music in the car…haha.
    Penniless Socialite
    Jewelry Giveaway!

  • Cute outfit! Loving the podcasts idea!



  • Oh, geez. My husband is in LOVE with This American Life and pretty much anything on NPR that involves talking. Our road trips involve those until I can’t take it anymore and beg for music!

  • I need to get on Spotify! I’ve had it on my phone forever! Time to start using that puppy!

    I will need to check out some podcasts to see what the hype is about 🙂 Sometimes I get bored with music.

    I love road trips but I do love flying also 🙂 Shawn is not a fan of road trips. He just wants to get there. I like to enjoy the ride 🙂

    And your outfit is adorable! Love that skirt 🙂

  • I’m a huge fan of This American Life. You should check out the Moth too!

  • Like the fit…I would have liked to been on the road trip. Except it would have been Akon and Rascal only pretty much!

  • We LOVE podcasts!! You guys should check out Caustic Soda – they are on iTunes and I think they’re free still. They are funny and informative.

  • we listen to This American Life & The Moth podcast whenever we go anywhere… it’s a great hobby 🙂

    xoxo, Amy @ Interpret As You May

  • amazing! i totally love your music playlist, so i think we would be perfect road trip partners. my fave nerd podcast is freakonomics – check it out – you learn so much but it’s entertaining too. nerd alert! 🙂

  • This is amazing! Bahaha I love it!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  • zac is usually the one driving us, so he gets to pick the music. i think he would throw himself out of the car if i got to pick.

  • Haha, your guy looks less than thrilled in that picture. Poor playlist sufferer.

    Also: cute skirt. 🙂

    Also also: audio books are the go-to around here. The boy and I pick one out together, and that does the trick.

  • I love road trips too! We listen to books on tape and podcasts – This American Life is one our favorites!

  • I absolutely love your outfit and that skirt! What a great find!! Awww I’ve never been on a road trip with a guy but it sounds like a lot of fun 😀

  • I use to love listening to This American Life on our local NPR station but it doesn’t seem to playing anymore:) never thought to download the podcasts though! the husband is a huge podcast fan but i get sick (read: lose attention) easily so half the time I am not really sure what is even going on. thanks for the suggestion:)

  • i love road trips too! thank God my fiance loves them too, though i tend to talk too much about everything under the sun! love your skirt, most of my fave skirts are thrifted! 🙂

    C’s Evolution of Style

  • I can’t stand road trips but you make them sound so fun! & Your outfit is adorable!

  • Oh I love you! This post was hilarious. 525,600 MINUUUUTES! How can you measure, measure a year? How about loooooooooooove! Ok, so I may have annoyed Garrett with that song a couple of times myself : ). I love road trips too and this one looks fun!

  • Hi! New follower via the Bloglovin hop! Love a follow back! Alaina from Bullock’s Buzz (http://www.bullocksbuzz.com)

  • We listen to podcasts on the road a lot too – especially the Kevin Smith and Jay Mohr ones. Steve loves comedy books on tape. I enjoy them but usually fall asleep but let’s be real, I like falling asleep and waking up closer to the destination haha!

    Also essential roadtrip snacks: peach rings, buffalo Snyder’s pretzel bits and cherry coke zero!

  • bahahaha – that side eye he is giving the camera is priceless! I love roadtrips but hate driving too… good thing I make a kicka$$ DJ – my go to is the Wilson Philips Pandora station I have created. Sing-a-long GOLD!

  • Oh my gosh I am obsessed with that skirt. OB.SESSED.
    I am also laughing out loud because this is Exactly me on Road trips.
    And I love This American Life. You should also try Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me…
    it is a riot.

  • Love the skirt! This American Life is my best guy friend’s favorite program. They definitely have some good stuff.


  • Sounds like a great roadtrip. And, I LOVE your outfit. That skirt is great!

  • Adorable outfit! I love your skirt, and your hair is so amazing.

  • The RENT soundtrack. LOL. Oh to be a fly on the wall inside that car!

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