When One Choice Changes Everything


I’ve often pondered the many forks in the road of life. Whoa, that sounded deep. Let me start over.

Have you ever just looked at your life path and realized that some tiny, seemingly insignificant choice changed your whole life? Certainly there are some big decisions. The ones you know will alter the entire course of your life. Where you go to college. Who to spend your life with. Moving across the country. But what about when a seemingly irrelevant decision changes everything?

The road ahead

Three years ago this month, I was looking for an apartment. After living with my parents for 5 months (while sharing a room with my 10-year-old sister), I was more than ready for my own space. I began looking for apartments in the young section of the city, close to work. The real estate agent had shown me several apartments when we came to the last one of the day.

It was a tiny 3rd floor walk up with a 3/4 size fridge and a bedroom the size of my queen sized bed. It was $660 and included heat, a big money saver in the winter. The bathroom tile was the exact same tile as my house in college (that I’d loved so dearly). I took this as a sign from God that me and this apartment were M.F.E.O. (made for each other – if you don’t know that, you need more Nora Ephron in your life). I was sold.

But as a girl renting her first apartment, I had to have my parents opinions first. Security deposit in hand, I returned the next day with them to check it out.

One foot in the door and I knew my Stepmom didn’t like it. Hugely opinionated and fiercely loving, she insisted that the apartment was too small. She pointed out the things I had been all too eager to overlook. The stove had only two burners. There was absolutely no place for a kitchen table (ironic because in the last 3 years I can count on one hand how many times I’ve eaten at the table). I would be able to fit zero other furniture in the bedroom besides a mattress. The real estate agent could tell things were going south. So we went to look at one other apartment that night.

I didn’t wind up getting that apartment. Instead, I chose a slightly larger (still tiny) apartment 2 blocks away for $40 more a month. And that seemingly insignificant choice changed my whole life.

At my new apartment, I met the guys whose house backed up to mine. They invited me over to watch Jersey  Shore (listen, it was 2011, okay?) and drink beer. I accepted enthusiastically, over eager to make new friends in my new city. I waltzed in to find two other girls there. One would become one of my dearest friends. She worked for the non-profit that I now work for. A year later, when she moved to New York, she recommended me to take over for her. And thus my life in the non-profit world began.

And it was all because I chose one dingy apartment over the other.

I’m sure there are a million other instances of this in my life (and yours). But as I drove by that apartment the other day, I couldn’t help but connect all the dots and realize that if I had chosen that apartment, I wouldn’t have spent the last year and a half of my life working with kids with cancer. And i was so thankful my Stepmom talked me out of it.

It’s funny how things work out, isn’t it?


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Treats and Travels

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