What Our Days Look Like These Days

I loved reading Kait’s post yesterday about what her day looks like. I’ve had it on my to-do list to write this post for a while. Sure, it’s interesting to read what other people do all day but also, I want to be able to look back on this time and remember how sweet our days were.

This is our standard day for days when we have no firm plans. A few days a week we have standing plans like Mom group on Mondays (we meet for lunch first) or story time at the library on Friday mornings or days when I go in to the office.

Funny enough, I wrote this post yesterday and then at approximately 11:30am, the whole day went off the rails when Ben woke up from his morning nap in about twenty minutes. So maybe this isn’t my average day but it’s my average day if everything goes right. My aspirational day…

7 – 8am Ben wakes up and I feed him in bed. I’m slow to wake up so sometimes I’ll just “rest my eyes” while I breastfeed and other times I’ll read The Skimm on my phone or scroll through Instagram.

7:30am – 8:30am We come downstairs and start our day. I pour myself a cup of coffee. Ben is the most awake and alert in the morning so I try to make this time as engaging and stimulating as possible. Generally I turn on big band music softly (my grandma would be proud) and put Ben in the bouncer or sit him on my stomach and use my knees as his back rest and read books to him in funny voices. We blow through 4-6 books before he starts to lose interest. Sometimes we just “talk” to each other where he babbles and I respond. Sometimes we laugh back and forth for a good long while. It’s probably the most special part of my day. When he’s at his best, I try to be at my best too.

9 – 9:30am Ben eats again. I usually make myself a strawberry shortcake smoothie (recipe mentioned in this recent favorite recipes post) and drink it while he eats. Lately I’ve been listening to The Daily podcast from the New York Times to get a little news in. I’ve also been watching Skillshare classes on my phone to make the most of my time feeding Ben instead of just scrolling through social media for the 3+ hours a day I spend breastfeeding.

10am This is usually when I start to notice what a disaster our house is (being completely stationary while breastfeeding has this effect) and I make a plan for what I’m going to tackle today. Ben will play in his Lovevery Baby Play Gym or do some tummy time (i.e. scream bloody murder) while I sort laundry or finish up last night’s dishes (and pump parts grrrr). I do some tidying (like putting back the 40 stuffies that Archie has sprinkled around our entire house). Generally this is when my bestie calls me from California on her drive to work so I chat with her for a bit. Then I often move the bouncer to the bathroom and take a quick shower and get ready. Even on days that I’m home all day, I put on a little makeup and do something with my hair. It just makes me feel better and more productive. Also I like makeup and I like doing my makeup so I don’t consider it a waste.

11am Ben eats again and by now, he’s sleepy. He dozes off toward the end of his feed and I sit still for a while until I’m sure he’s asleep and then I sneak upstairs and put him in the Dock-a-tot in the crib for his first nap. It’s usually his longest nap so once he’s down, I’m in high gear.

Doesn’t he look like he’s plotting something in his sleep?

11:30 ish Clock in and get some work done. I work so much better once the house is tidy, otherwise I’ll be so distracted by all the household things I feel I need to do that I won’t get work done and then before I know it, Ben is awake again. If I can, I try to get 2-3 hours of work in here.

1 – 2pm Ben wakes up and eats again. Usually this is when I try to go for some sort of outing. Today we need to run to CVS and to the vet to get Archie’s heartguard. Sometimes we don’t really need anything but some fresh air so I bundle him up (so over this, by the way) and we get our walk on or hit up the library. I haven’t been super regular about working out since Ben was born so I try to get a good amount of steps in here.


3pm ish Ben has probably fallen asleep in the stroller and I’ve either powerwalked around the city while listening to podcasts or attempted a stroller to swing transfer (bold, as it has only worked on rare occasion). I often grab Archie for the end of this walk, since he can’t go in stores with me. We head home and Ben eats again. If he just took a 40 minute + nap in the stroller, then he’s awake and ready to hang. If he managed to stay awake, this is when I attempt a second good nap.

3:30pm Try and get some more work done while Ben is either napping or I just continuously move him between activities within our house – 15 minutes in the bouncer playing with some toys while I use my foot to keep it going. 15 minutes in the Lovevery Baby play gym. 10 minutes in the bumbo seat while he bangs the rattle on the tray. Sometimes I put him in the Wildbird and stand at the kitchen counter and work while he chews on his own hand (just being honest, but this is currently a very amusing activity for him) or listens to me sing Disney music (badly). This is the real juggle of my day, as I try to get 1-2 hours more of work done but often am interrupted.

5:30pm By now I know which train N is getting on so I start prepping dinner. I didn’t used to cook every night but now takeout is much more of a treat than a standard. I cook dinner almost daily. While dinner cooks, I pack N’s lunch for tomorrow. Packing his lunch has saved us a ton of money and I enjoy packing it so that we have all the chores out of the way and can really have family time once N gets home.

Already embarrassing him

6:30pm – 8pm Dinner for the adults (some of our recent favorite recipes can be found here). I never time this well and usually have to breastfeed while trying to eat. I try to plan his 2nd to last feed of the day at least 2 hours before he’ll need his final feed so that his last feed of the day is a big one. We follow this up with family time. Usually N holds Ben for most of this because he wants to hang out with him after work. We try to start the dishes from dinner or we watch a show together while we chat.

8 – 8:30pm Ben starts to melt down and so we begin the bedtime routine. I feed him downstairs and then N takes him upstairs and gives him a bath, lotion, and gets him ready for bed. N paces back and forth in our bedroom and eventually puts him to sleep in the bassinet. While he does bath and bedtime, I sometimes get a little more work done or enjoy some alone time downstairs.

9pm Hang with N. Clean up from dinner while we chat. Watch a show.

10:30pm – 11:30pm Bedtime. Sometimes N will go to bed and I will do 1-2 hours more of work (if I wasn’t able to get much done during that juggling time in the late afternoon). Other times I’ll use this time to write a blog post or do general blog maintenance (respond to comments, etc.). Unfortunately sometimes there are days when my brain is just ON at this time of night (it’s kind of my creative sweet spot) so I often just go with it and accept that I’ll be pretty tired the next day. I generally have 5-10 blog posts in Evernote that are 90% done but need polish or a photo or just to be dropped in to WordPress and prepped for publishing. Sometimes I just write more half posts in Evernote and set nothing up to actually publish the following morning and then I am disappointed in myself. It’s a fun cycle (not). Lastly, I always pump right before I get in bed. This is the milk I use to build my freezer stash.

Eventually I sneak in to bed, so as not to wake the three sleeping boys in our room.

Does this sound boring? It probably would have to me a few years ago. But now it feels like I’m able to soak up Ben’s childhood and that feels really good.

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