What the Kardashians Can Teach Us About Blogging

The vast majority of bloggers seem to favor the real housewives of anything. I have to say, I’m not a fan. But the Kardashians? I can’t get enough.
Some people love them. Some people hate them.
But damn, they’re doing something right.
What the Kardashians Can Teach Us About Blogging | eastandblog.com
Shameless Self-Promotion. Do it.


The Kardashians are on every possible social media platform. They’re everywhere. It doesn’t hurt bloggers to do the same. Did you write an awesome post? Tweet about it. Facebook it. Instagram it.  Google+ it.
Keek it, if you know what Keek is (I don’t).
And don’t even be ashamed.
People will watch for the pretty one, but they’ll be entertained by the funny one.

Kim was the reason I started watching the show, back in the day. But Khloe? Homegirl is why I keep watching. 
Same goes for blogging. I follow a fashion blogger or two ten. We get it, fashion bloggers. Everything looks good on you if you’re tall and thin.
But the blogs I visit daily? They add content! And the funnies are my very faves. That’s you Helene, Venus, Kaylin, Meighan, and Tay. I realize these girls happen to be pretty too but that’s not all they’re bringing to the table. And that’s why I love them.

Don’t put your name on too much stuff.

My face the first time someone offered me free stuff.

Who doesn’t love free stuff?! We all do. And hey, it’s a perk of blogging.
But I don’t want to read a blog (and you probably don’t either) that is all product reviews. We’ve all seen it happen. Now I’m not above accepting free stuff in exchange for a review. But for every item I’ve accepted, I’ve turned one down.
Be picky about the free stuff you accept! 
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