What the Kardashians Can Teach Us About Blogging

The vast majority of bloggers seem to favor the real housewives of anything. I have to say, I’m not a fan. But the Kardashians? I can’t get enough.
Some people love them. Some people hate them.
But damn, they’re doing something right.
What the Kardashians Can Teach Us About Blogging | eastandblog.com
Shameless Self-Promotion. Do it.


The Kardashians are on every possible social media platform. They’re everywhere. It doesn’t hurt bloggers to do the same. Did you write an awesome post? Tweet about it. Facebook it. Instagram it.  Google+ it.
Keek it, if you know what Keek is (I don’t).
And don’t even be ashamed.
People will watch for the pretty one, but they’ll be entertained by the funny one.

Kim was the reason I started watching the show, back in the day. But Khloe? Homegirl is why I keep watching. 
Same goes for blogging. I follow a fashion blogger or two ten. We get it, fashion bloggers. Everything looks good on you if you’re tall and thin.
But the blogs I visit daily? They add content! And the funnies are my very faves. That’s you Helene, Venus, Kaylin, Meighan, and Tay. I realize these girls happen to be pretty too but that’s not all they’re bringing to the table. And that’s why I love them.

Don’t put your name on too much stuff.

My face the first time someone offered me free stuff.

Who doesn’t love free stuff?! We all do. And hey, it’s a perk of blogging.
But I don’t want to read a blog (and you probably don’t either) that is all product reviews. We’ve all seen it happen. Now I’m not above accepting free stuff in exchange for a review. But for every item I’ve accepted, I’ve turned one down.
Be picky about the free stuff you accept! 
Click page 2 for the ultimate Kardashian blogging lessons…

  • I am definitely a fan of watching the Kardashians. My husband makes fun of me and hates the show, but every time he isn’t around I am sneaking episodes. I can’t help but watch. Khloe is my favorite too and is the most relateable to me…and sadly the most sane one out of the bunch!

  • As much as I can’t stand the Kardashians, this is a great post!
    With Love, Rachel

  • So true, I always laugh at Khloe…is that even how you spell her name?

  • I love this post. So true!

  • I’m dying at that one photo of her making that ridiculous face!

  • Brilliant! I have never watched the Kardashians but it all makes sense for the blogging world hehe. Great post. xx

    The Shutterbug Blog

  • Hahaha amazing – your post is spot on. The Kardashians have definitely taught me a lot about blogging 😉

    I agree with you though – I’m not a Real Housewives kind of girl… KUWTK all the way for me. I started watching for Kim, but not I watch basically only for Khloe (and Lamar). Love her, and same as you – I prefer the funny bloggers over anything else (which is why I read your blog).

  • This is so true! And I am right there with you on starting to watch because of Kim but sticking around because of Khloe.

  • ah, love this. a lot.

  • BEST post I have read all week! I love it!! And just so you know, I love the Kardashians and I feel the same way about Khloe! She makes the show now! This is brilliant!

  • This was hilarious and I love the use of gifs. I’m not fond of the Kardashians, but much like you, I think Khloe is worth watching. I wish with all of their attention in the media, they would be more philanthropic or at least do something to promote a message. Instead, it’s very materialistic.

  • The Kardashians are my guilty pleasure.. E stays on at our house and my boyfriend just has to deal with it. I think he secretly likes them too but just has to bitch. Awesome post! Makes sense to me 🙂

  • God I love this!! I am also not a big RH fan, but I loove me so kardashians. And guess what, you are super funny. So, do a happy dance.

  • This was so cute and so true!!

  • I love the Kardashians and won’t cancel cable because of them.
    Real Housewives who?

    Khloe and Lord Disick are my faves!

  • Bahaha Everytime I see cute outfits in blogs I think the same thing. This is not going to look good on my 5’2-no size 0- ass!

  • Loved this post!

  • BEST POST. (I feel like I say that after every post.)

  • Finally! They have taught me something and I will listen.

  • 65 million? Shameless self-promotion here I come (kidding, sorta, kinda, not really). I love them too! My husband always ask me how many brain cells I’ve allowed to die after watching an episode (he is dramatic). I found your blog while perusing others, and, I love it!


  • hahah love this!

  • Def fan of the Kardashians over Real Housewives. Love the way you related some of the best blogging tips!

  • Despise the Kardashians but I love this post, you are absolutely right!

  • hahaha omg omg this post is amazing and spot on! love it!

  • LOVE this! I am so on Team (guilty pleasure) Kardashian! Great tips too FUNNY lady 😉

  • You have become one of my favorite daily reads. Word, sista-friend.

  • So creative! I love this! I used to be obsessed with Kim Kardashian then she got on my nerves. My brother says I remind him of Khloe and I take that as a full on compliment.

  • This is such a great post! I loved it. Khloe is definitely my favorite as well:) I’m not sure if I’ve left a comment before, but I wanted to let you know that I recently started following you (now THAT sounded creepy!). You definitely make me laugh!

  • Oh, and please excuse my overuse of the word “definitely” 🙂

  • I just discovered my love for the Kardashians a few weeks ago (thank you netflix!)so I love this post even more than normal 🙂 You are SO right! Now if only I could make 65 million from my blog….. ha!

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  • If I follow these rules I can dance in front of yachts? I’m in!

  • I love me some Kardashians. Khloe is for sure my favorite. Kim annoyed me SO much until she got a divorce – I think it opened her up and made her more goofy (example: when she wore the wigs and scared Mason). My friends judge me for loving them so much, but I don’t care! They’re definitely entertaining!

  • Girl you crack me up!! YOU are the funny one who also happens to be stinkin gorgeous. Shut up and write my blog posts for me cause I’m boring. Kthanksbye.

    <3 Danielle

  • Oh, this is such a stellar post. You’ve become one of my daily must-reads 😉

  • What a great post. I think I might just start posting some of my screw up moments on my blog and though I haven’t been offered free things yet, I do find it annoying when every single post of a blog is a review of something that they got free.

  • I love the Real Housewives, but I have to admit that I love watching the Kardashians. Great post!


  • I LOVE this. Best post on blogging that I’ve read in awhile. Man, great perspective!


  • haha love this! I love the Kardashians too! They may not be singers or actresses, but they are smart business women!

    Love the gif with Kris and Bruce dancing. Bruce and Khloe are my favorites!

  • This was such a create post! I loved it…and you made much more sense than a Kardashian ever has.

    The Grass Skirt Blog

  • hahahahaha this is awesome

  • Do another happy dance- bc you’re funny! And bc like you, I also prefer my reality tv fix in the Kardashian form.

    Another Great Post Lady!

    Would you like to follow each other on GFC? http://chelseypatti.blogspot.com

  • I LOVE ME SOME Kardashians….especially when Scott shoved a 100 bill in a waiters mouth in Vegas, HAHAHA!!!! Or when Kim hired a private investigator on Scott? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA kills me.

    I love reading your blog, love seeing all the funny content!!!

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  • Happy dance your ass off girl – you always make me laugh. And I adore this post. For as much as people hate on the Kardashians they are definitely doing something right. They are EVERYWHERE and I don’t see it fading anytime soon.

  • Ida

    I love the Kardashians. I sneak in episodes when I can. Definitely my guilty pleasure! This was a great post!

  • seriously love this post! i’ve always been a kardashian fan. no mateer how much shit and drama they go through, there’s no denying that they’re good at whatever the hell they do!

  • I love this, because its totally true! Found you on the GFC Blog Hop and followed you on Bloglovin’, can’t wait to read more!

    Elise Michele

  • This is spot on! Ahhh the Kardashian 😉


  • Amazing post, Nadine! I probably need to do all of these things more often… Work in progress 🙂

  • Thanks. No I won’t be ashamed to do a shameless plug here or there. Haha

  • I couldn’t agree more when it comes to Kardashians vs. Real Housewives. I’ll take Kardasians all day every day

  • I like that Kardashians way more than Real Housewives! Khloe is definitely my favorite 😀
    I wish I made 65k.. ha ha!
    Have an awesome weekend!

  • Haha I loovveeee this post. And the Kardashians. Totes in agreement with you on the funny part – I love me some fashion blogs but MAN if they can’t drop a joke in there every so often, I just can’t keep visiting.

    Excited to follow your blog – found you through another favorite blog’s “favorites” post!

  • This post is absolutely amazing and thanks for the introduction to a few more funny blogs!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Love this post. I, too, feel the same way about blog content. I love looking at a fashion blog every once in a while for a little inspiration or to catch up on the latest trends – but my favorite blogs are the personal ones full of funny tales of the lives of my blogging buddies. I aspire to be as witty and clever as some of those girls!

  • This post? Is AMAZINGGGGGG … I love me some Kardashians and I am not afraid to admit it! LOL! 🙂

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  • Katie

    Just found this post, and I LOVE IT!

  • Great post and great blog 🙂 -Kara

  • I hate K klan but loving the post, especially the second one.

  • I love this analogy and especially all of the GIFs that come along with it!

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