What I Wore Wednesday

I feel like such a poser when I do outfit posts. 
(How 7th grade is the word poser? I love it.)
Even more so when I make the bf take 800 pictures of me like the paparazzi.
Lucky for him, I got a tripod so I don’t have to beg him to be my photographer anymore.
Either way, I enjoy fashion, strive to be more fashionable, and try to push out of my comfort zone. 
So BAM, yellow pants!

The interesting thing about taking photos of your outfit is that you find out how things really look on you. For instance, I’ve decided this shirt isn’t super flattering on me, but I’m going to continue to wear it anyway. 

I got these yellow pants after Kaylin at Stay Blonde, Ski Local inspired me with this post 
(though I like her outfit better).
They were a total steal at the Gap Outlet, $9.97 with all sale items 40% off.
That brings these babies to a whopping $5.98.

Shirt: Old Navy
Shoes: F21

Leopard flats are my new favorite thing. They make any outfit look more fashionable.

I can’t thank all of you enough for your kind comments after yesterday’s post on friendship (or lack thereof) in your 20’s. 

After thinking it through and replying to so many sweet and honest comments, I was reminded that this community and the need for connection is why I started a blog in the first place. We’re not alone in feeling this way.

Friends are friends, even the ones on the interwebs. 
And couldn’t we all use a few more?

pleated poppy

I’m linking up for the very first time with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy.


  • I love the yellow pants! I got a similar deal on lavender pants at Old Navy! Can’t beat $5!! And leopard flats are my go-to in warmer weather!!

  • nice pants! I know that Ann Taylor Loft has some similar ones that are so comfortable!

  • I have the same shirt from Old Navy & mine isn’t very flattering on me. It’s just a little too short & boxy. I usually tuck mine in to make it look better on me. (Yours totally looks fine!) Love the colored pants – I feel like I wear them at least 50% of the time these days!

  • I linked up for the first time today as well! Your outfit is so cute. I love this yellow pants!

  • I tried on a pair of yellow pants yesterday! They didn’t look great on me, although I wish they did, because your outfit is adorable. And I’m glad I’m not the only one who wears things even though I KNOW they don’t look good on me.. for example, boyfriend jeans. 🙂 And your post yesterday made me feel so much better… I’m in the same boat, I started blogging to gain a sense of community, and I think it’s working!


  • ty

    I LOVE the yellow pants. It’s my favorite color!!

  • Those are cute pants! I am such a chicken when it comes to trying new, or bold, styles!

  • Freaking love your fit. And freaking miss you.
    That’s all!!!

  • Love these!! I don’t have to guts to do bright pants!

  • Darling =) And perfect for spring!!! And can I just say that I loved your post on finding friends in your 20’s…it is something so needed but so hard to find…but I hope you find some deep, long-lasting friendship soon =)

  • Love those yellow pants girlie!

  • Yay for yellow pants!! Might those have been a Maine pickup? I saw some pants like that at the gap outlet in Freeport and loved them! You are rockin’ them, girl!

  • You look adorable! I loveeee the leopard flats. I wear mine all the time, probably a little too much!


  • That shirt looks GREAT on you! No reason to think it doesn’t! And you are an incredible shopper for getting those pants at that price girl! Way to go!


  • I’ve learned a lot about what looks good or bad on me because of taking pictures of what I wear most days. I’ve come to realize what my style gravitates towards and overall, I feel like I’m learning a lot.

  • Haha, “poser” is my favorite word ever! I will use it forever!

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