We all fall off the wagon sometimes…

Target got the best of me (or should I say the best of my bank account) on Sunday. Yikes!

What I actually needed:
Razors (coupon)
Dove Soap
Face Lotion with Sunscreen
Salad Dressing
Brita filter

What jumped in my cart without my consent (aka the Oops list):
Pita chips
A hairbrush (I’ve gone without one for about 2 months)
Dry shampoo
Fish Oil capsules
Biotin capsules
New eyeliner (but guys, I had a coupon)
MWF seeking BFF (AWESOME so far)
A new wallet
I’ve decided to not beat myself up about this too much. I hadn’t really splurged since getting my bonus from work. I paid off the very last of my credit card debt (basically the highlight of my year). And really, I loved every minute of the 2 hours I perused the aisles. However, I am going to make sure that every last penny of the remainder of my bonus goes straight to savings.  The point is, everyone occasionally makes financial decisions that aren’t the best. I just always try to bounce back in a positive way.

Also, as soon as I finish “MWF seeking BFF”, I’ll do a review of it. If you loved Mindy Kaling’s “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?” you’ll love this book too.
Have a lovely day!

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