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A few weeks ago, I had a traumatic incident. Try not to laugh while I explain (Or, go right ahead. I’ll never know). 

Driving home from work one day, I saw a squirrel who had been hit by a car. Only his back legs had been injured and he was scooting across the rest of the road, pulling himself with his little arms, and occasionally falling over to writhe in pain. He finally made it to the sidewalk and collapsed. My heart broke as I knew there was nothing I could do to help him. It almost would have been less cruel to run him over and put him out of his misery (but I just couldn’t). I realize I’ve added a gender to the squirrel, who I didn’t know personally, and is in fact, a squirrel. Just be glad I didn’t name him.

And I just couldn’t get him out of my mind. Right there in the car, I decided that if I felt that bad about a squirrel, maybe I shouldn’t be eating meat. I certainly would never eat meat if I had to see the animal die. But that’s what happens, whether I see it or not. So I stopped eating meat, in honor of that little squirrel.

That was three weeks ago and I still haven’t eaten meat.  I’ll technically never be a full vegetarian because I won’t give up fish and seafood (called a pescetarian). My family is from Maryland and Maine and most holidays involve either blue crab or lobster. I am also not a big meat eater to begin with. I very rarely eat red meat and only occasionally eat chicken. I’ve also never eaten lamb, veal, or duck (all way too cute to eat). I’d say I average about one to two servings of meat per week so it’s not like it will be a huge change to my diet.

What this pig is saying in my head: “I’m as smart as a 3 year-old child and I’m way too cute to be bacon. Plus, BLTs aren’t that good, right? Right??!

I’m not ready to put a label on it yet; I’ve just been saying that I’m not eating meat right now. But maybe right now is going to turn into forever. I’m just not sure yet.

 I’ll let you know! 

Do you have any amazing vegetarian recipes? 

What about a fantastic fish recipe?

Please share!

  • I’m always happy to read or hear when others go vegetarian. 🙂

  • I had a similar experience when I saw a rabbit in the street, doing the squished-back-end crawl. I *did* intentionally run him over, although it took me three tries because I was sobbing. Then I managed to get myself together, but had to stop at our village post office for some milk and broke down there, trying to count my change. I’m a pescepollotarian (seafood and chicken) but I will only eat/buy “happy” (ethically raised/slaughtered) chicken, and am weaning myself off of that, too.

  • Are you still doing the vegetarian thing? I am pretty much a pescetarian although I’ll occasionally eat poultry. I do it because of the cruelty of the meat industry, as well as the fact that eating another creature’s flesh grosses me out when I think about it for very long.

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  • So now I’m totally curious! Did you stick to the no meat (except fish) thing? I only ask because Adam is now complete vegetarian and I had vowed not to each anything but chicken and turkey. But then I realized earlier today, that I haven’t even eaten that since like the first week of December… so I don’t know.. maybe I’m a vegetarian too now! I’m uber confused about it throwing a label on it, but kind of excited and just wanted to know if you were still on the bandwagon.

    Also — I don’t even know how you coped with seeing that little guy. Just thinking about it makes me want to cry at my desk at work. I probably would have tried to pick him up and get him to a vet… who would have told me that I was crazy and to go home. So sad.


    • Nadine

      I’m still on the bandwagon! I do eat fish and seafood on rare occasion still and have no plans to stop. I did discover about 6 months in to being a vegetarian that the broccoli cheddar soup from Panera is actually not vegetarian. I had probably eaten it about three times. Ooops!

      My reasoning for continuing to abstain from meat is really because of feeling bad about eating animals. I have a hard time differentiating between a cow slaughtered for beef and my dog. If I knew that cow as well as I know Archie, I’d never eat meat. That’s why I try to remember every time I’m tempted.

      If you do decide to stay vegetarian, I wrote a post about what I eat when I miss meat:

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