The Vacation We’ve Never Taken

Today N and I leave for our very first vacation together. Three and a half years and we’ve never been anywhere together besides visiting family along the east coast (we’re road trip people). It’s also the longest flight (and only the second) flight we’ve ever taken together. If you haven’t read the story about the first flight we took together, just know that you should probably feel really bad for N.

Maine's nickname is Vacationland. But is does it count as a vacation if we were just visiting my parents?
Maine’s nickname is Vacationland. But is does it count as a vacation if we were just visiting my parents?

You would think that I’d feel better with him with me on an airplane but in our first experience, he kind of had the opposite effect. Instead of me keeping myself in check (for fear of looking like the crying idiot), I felt like having my love sit beside me made me more aware of the life (and more specifically, my life and future with him) that would be taken away from me, should the plane go down.

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This is absolutely not the reason we haven’t taken a vacation together. We just haven’t. I guess it’s been a money/time off/priorities issue. My family did not vacation frequently and as an adult, I really haven’t either. Until I have ample money in savings, it seems like I shouldn’t blow a couple grand so I can relax. Frankly, I’m not that stressed anyway.


So today we jet off to San Francisco. As a former Californian, I’m so excited to show N some of my favorite places. After two days in San Francisco, we’re heading to Lake Tahoe for Kaylin’s wedding (remember how I felt about her getting engaged?). I’ll be doing my bridesmaid thang, like trying not to ugly cry when she walks down the aisle (spoiler alert: the ugly cry will happen no matter what), achieving the perfect level of drunkenness (i.e. a good buzz all night but not too shwasty face), and being the most enthusiastic dancer to SHOUT you’ve seen in your life.

So is it technically just a vacation? Not really. But with 4 days off in a row, a 6 hour flight, and staying in a nice hotel, I say it counts!

Want to keep up with how things are going? Follow along on Instagram. I’m sure I’ll be blowing up your feed. Can’t wait to see all the super classy pictures N snaps of me while I’m drooling on myself on our cross-country flight.

  • Yay! Have a blast! It’s always nice when you can squeeze a few extra days of travel fun into weddings!

  • Ooh, have fun! Vacations with the boyfriend are always the best, and even better if there’s a wedding thrown in there.

    xo Julie
    Cap and Gown Style

  • I get that it’s nice to have money in a savings account, but I do think that you can both vacation and save. We do a lot of traveling, but still have savings– we don’t just blow it all at once or we travel on a budget. For me, going on vacation is not necessarily just about relaxing, but about enjoying new experiences and discovering new places. And while a savings account for the future is a great thing, you can’t really place any monetary value on the experiences you have while traveling. Regardless, I hope you enjoy your vacation, and hopefully it will be a start of more to come for you both! 🙂

  • Lake Tahoe is absolutely gorgeous — as is San Fran of course. Have fun!!

  • I’m going to Lake Tahoe for Christmas for the first time and I AM SO EXCITED!!

  • Have fun! I know everyone says this and it probably doesn’t really help, but try to not think about the flying, think about the fun you’re going to have as soon as you land. 🙂

  • Have an awesome trip! I live in SF, and this weekend is Fleet Week! It’s one of the best, most fun weekends of the year! Email me if you need any restaurant recommendations or anything like that 🙂 Also, I grew up near Tahoe, are you going to North or South shore? I love it up there!! You’re going to have an awesome trip.

  • oh my gosh I feel the SAME way about flying!!! it is way worse when my husband is with me! Have fun on your flight! I am going to go read about your fear of flying!

  • Have the best time ever!

  • I hope you have a great time!

  • I hope you have a bloody awesome time

  • Awww, have a blast! Weddings are so much fun and that area of the country sounds so lovely!

  • You looked absolutely beautiful in your bridesmaid dress and I can’t wait to read all about it!

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