Underneath the Normal

I’m definitely one of those people who comes off as having it all together. Mature. Well-spoken. Age appropriate. I’m not even tooting my own horn on that, multiple adults have confirmed that this is the case.

But true to humanity, I’m an onion. And underneath all those layers of “normal” is a whole lotta bat shit crazy. It doesn’t take wine to bring her out. Nor shots of fireball (yeah, I just said nor. It was weird but I liked it). It’s just there, waiting for me to get comfortable enough with you to drop a bomb about an irrational fear or absurd habit.


I’ve mentioned before that I work for a childhood cancer foundation. I’ve also alluded to the fact that I’m a little worried about getting cancer. I mean, who isn’t, right? As someone who spent years baking herself to death in tanning beds, I have more than enough reason to be terrified. This year, my Step-Dad was diagnosed with Melanoma, heightening my paranoia to a whole new levels.

Which is why all of this happens:

I know where all the nuclear power plants are within a 60 mile radius of my home. There are 4. You can find out where the closest ones are to your home here.

I get water delivered. And not a little bit of water. Like, water cooler at the office, water. Yup, we’ve got a sweet hot/cold water cooler right in our kitchen. I will only use tap water for washing dishes (and even that creeps me out). I will not cook pasta with tap water. And I definitely will not drink it. Yes, at least 30% of my clothes are from Goodwill but I will not drink tap water. 

Archie only drinks water cooler water too. My dog does not drink tap water. The reality of my crazy really sunk in as I typed that.

I cover my entire body in sunscreen on the daily. SPF 50 or higher ( this isn’t crazy, it’s just smart). I even read a ton about chemical sunscreens and have recently switched to mineral sunscreens only. 

I meticulously wash all of my fruits and vegetables with a fruit and vegetable wash before eating them. No, I can’t afford organic for everything so this is how I put my mind at ease.

I technically live in a cancer cluster. All across the United States (and probably the world), there are places where they have high rates of certain types of cancer and they aren’t sure why. It is crazy that this isn’t widely known. For instance, my little section of my county has a much higher than average rates of lung cancer. Why? No one is sure. But search your state and “cancer cluster” and you’ll find them. When we moved in to our apartment I immediately bought an air purifier. It runs 24 hours a day.

Have I lost it? Perhaps. But behind each computer screen, there is a person with their own neuroses. Their own fears. And their own crazy habits. These are mine. Is it weird to be at peace with your crazy? Because if so, I think that might be where I am.


Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to Celeste from Our Fabulous Life in the Suburbs.


Celeste has been around these parts before. She wrote a guest post a while back about how to blend two very different families. Her and her handsome hubby, Arsen, are the best preview for what it will be like for me and N. Plus, 5 months ago they became parents to Grayson!

Celeste has been very honest about her journey as a new Mom. She’s shared the not-so-glamorous side of motherhood and 5 things she’s learned since becoming a Mom. She’s even admitted that it’s the toughest job she’s ever had. But take one look at little Grayson’s face. You’ll see right away exactly why it’s all worth it! Want to see more of Celeste and her sweet family? Head over to her blog or follow her on Bloglovin.

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