An Unconventional Thankful List

As the last of the leaves fall from the trees and ads for black friday invade our TV’s, it’s time to start reflecting on what we’re thankful for. Sure, I’m thankful for all of the regular stuff. People who love me. A roof over my head. A good job. My health. But some of those little blessings in life can go unnoticed. Until now. Here’s my unconventional thankful list.


That I no longer have to buy Ikea furniture out of necessity. They’re like adult legos and I was never really good at those. Moments after I posted this photo, the above happened. Like, I said, assembling is not my strong suit.

That my parents paid for braces. Bless you, parents, for ensuring that my nick name “gappy” for my gap in my front two teeth, did not stick beyond 6th grade.

That I don’t have to wear heels – or even dress up at all – for work.

For my dog, who regularly swats my hands away from my keyboard. Note taken, Archie. Technology does not run my life. You do.

That N doesn’t care that I shop at Goodwill and thrift stores for anything and everything. He isn’t snooty.

That my L.L. Bean winter coat is essentially a sleeping bag. See ya in the spring, waist line! Bring on the Christmas cookies.

HBO and Showtime. Duh.

Good tweezers. I just invested in my first pair of Tweezerman tweezers and holy wow those things are magic.

Pizza. Double duh.

Sticky roll dog hair removers. Where would we be without these? Lookin’ like slobs, that’s where.

The sheer nonsense that are Christmas carols. I know all the words and maybe 20% of the meaning behind them. Pipers piping? Bells on bobtail ring? Donder and Blitzen? Nonsense. Pure joyful nonsense.

For my unparalleled chopstick skills. Big thanks to my Taiwanese college roommate for teaching me how to use them so well, thereby making me nearly the best at any table. It’s just sad that the only think I’m considered graceful at is sushi eating, not say, walking.

For the short work week this week and for Black Friday off. If you need to find me, I’ll be at Kohl’s at 3am, elbows out in full force ready to assault someone if they cut the line. Do. Not.


Speaking of thankful, over this past year I’ve come to realize how thankful I am for the genuine, lovely ladies of blog world. Today I have two that I’d like to introduce you to.


Alyssa from Lyss and Loveliness is a young newlywed living in Ohio with three precious kitties. Lyss (you can go ahead and call her Lyss, she’s down with that) has admitted that she struggles with contentment, a feeling I’m sure many of us have felt. Why aren’t things going as planned right now? I too have a lot to learn about the art of contentment. Lyss also shares my intense love of scarves. She’s selected a couple of must haves for this season. She also was brave enough to share why more Christians should be like Miley Cyrus. What a refreshing perspective! Want to see more of Lyss? Head over to Lyss and Loveliness or follow her on Bloglovin.

Next, I’d like to introduce you to Tara from Starletta.


Today on her blog, Tara is sharing the most adorable childhood photos. I weirdly love looking at people’s family photos and Tara’s preschool picture is one of the cutest I’ve ever seen. Tara also recently shared why she’ll never be a fashion blogger. Comfort first, people! Want to be envious of someone? She was nearly finished her Christmas shopping by November 20th! That’s a good thing, because she isn’t a fan of Christmas shopping. Want to see more of Tara? Follow her on Bloglovin or head over to Starletta today!

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