True Life: The one where I watch too much TV

I’m a TV junkie. 
Tis true.
The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?
Only I don’t really want to quit.

You know when you get to the end or you get all caught up on a show and it’s just heartbreaking? Like you rushed through it and now you wish you could go back (happens with books too).

Right now I’m in a rut. All my usual shows have ended and I haven’t found a new obsession. The last time this happened, I discovered the show Bones on Netflix. Seven seasons of wonder right there. And now three months later I’m all done. Since no new episodes of anything are on TV right now, I need a new show to watch straight through on Netflix or Hulu.

So here’s where I share my favorite shows with you and you go, huh, I like a lot of those. But I also like _________ and maybe Nadine would like that. And then you write it in a comment. I’d love you forever!

So let’s begin. Here are my favorites, old and new:

Grey’s Anatomy

Friends (may be my all time favorite. box set owner right here!)

How I Met Your Mother

Sex and the City
Modern Family
New Girl
30 Rock
Arrested Development

Now tell me, what are your favorites?

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