Those Mormons

I like them. (Just thought I’d start with that so no one worried what direction this post was taking.)

Has anyone else noticed that there are tons of LDS ladies involved in the blog world?

It seems like all of my favorite bloggers are LDS and I’ve often wondered, why is that?

The Washington DC Temple. If you’ve ever driven by it, you’d know. It cannot be missed.

I really love when bloggers talk about their faith.

For so many people, faith is a central part of their life so it seems odd that it would be left out of their blogs. I, for instance, talked about my religion (or lack thereof) once on my blog. Because it isn’t a huge part of my life, I don’t mention it often.

But I’m particularly fascinated by the LDS faith. Their families tend to be bigger (fun!) and somehow, more beautiful (am I wrong? i’m not wrong). 

There seems to be a lot of wholesomeness and I love that many LDS women choose to dress modestly. I’ve never thought of myself as a super super modest girl, but as I get older I like more sleeves, less cleavage, and a pencil will win over a mini any day. 

And let’s not even get started with my strong anti-strapless wedding gown feelings. It wouldn’t shock me if I bought my bridal gown from an LDS retailer simply because it’s impossible to find anything other than strapless these days. Yuck.

Often I find that when I reach a new blog and my eyes drift to the “I believe” heading, I just know what will appear before I scroll over it. I also always wonder if LDS or Mormon is the right term. Is it one or the other? Does it matter? Personal preference, maybe?

One of the first blogs I found and loved was The Daybook. Sydney once shared her thoughts on “Why are Mormons so cool?

Just last week Keena received her Young Woman Personal Progress Medallion. I honestly had no idea what it was but read up on it and thought, wow! I was so impressed and proud of her. 

Taza has frequently mentioned the peace that she gains from knowing that her family will be together for eternity (probably the belief I am most fascinated by).

And Utah, don’t get me started on Utah. Provo in particular. I’d love to visit, just to see what it’s like. Can you sense the difference without even talking to anyone? Does their Starbucks sell almost entirely hot chocolate and apple cider? Do they even have liquor stores?

LDS ladies seem to dominate the lifestyle blogosphere. I’m happy to share the space in such good company.

So I guess what I want to say is Thank You. To all the LDS bloggers out there who contribute so much to the blogosphere. Although there is almost no chance of me becoming a Mormon, I really love reading about your faith.

Are you an LDS lady? Do you blog? 
Leave a link below to your favorite post about your faith, I’d love to give it a read.

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