This Looks Bad On Me

This is what I wore yesterday. I sauntered around all day, thinking I looked pretty put together. I was proud of myself. I was confident. So when N came home, I dragged him outside for a photo or two (or 200). Spring is here! The sun stays up long enough to capture the occasional outfit photo in flattering lighting! Excited about having something fairly easy to post today (at the time, I just wasn’t in the write a novel of a blog post type mood), we came inside.

the unflattering photo

Post dinner, I unloaded my SD card onto my computer. Ready to see something almost fashion blogger worthy (in the low-budget, regular girl kind of way), what stared back at me was, um, disheartening. Yeah, we’ll go with that. Disheartening.

You see, I have this polka dot top that I feel oh-so-trendy in. It’s made of that popular but gross polyester material that Forever 21 basically bleeds. That stuff that makes me sweat like it’s mid-July no matter what time of year it is (overshare? don’t care). You know the stuff I’m talking about. So anyway, I always thought this top looked decent on me. That was, until I saw this photo (and the 174 other full body shots that I forced N to suffer through).

I look positively….pregnant.

This top is so ridiculously unflattering that it shocks me that it’s taken me so long to notice. And I’d venture to say that plenty of my clothes are like this. Like many of us, I get caught up in the trends and what’s popular and completely forget what looks good on my body. Under that flowy top, I don’t look pregnant (well, except after splitting a large pizza with N). I mean, take my word for that. Or don’t.

What I learned is this: I need someone brutally honest to clothes shop with me. I need an occasional “that top adds 10 pounds” or “you look skinny in that” or “the tiny pockets on those jeans are weirdly high up and are doing terrible things to your rear end”. God bless N but the guy is too nice. I get a whole bunch of “you look beautiful no matter what”s, to which I roll my eyes while my heart smiles. He is sweet but he is not helpful.

It also occurred to me that some trends should just be ignored. Sometimes you just have to look a trend in the face and say “hell no, that would look effing terrible on me.” Some trends are easy to push aside. The first time I saw a crop top in a store, I had a good chuckle while the Lizzie McGuire cartoon character on my shoulder sassed “ohhhh hellll no”. It’s the sneaky, seemingly universal trends like the flowy, crappy polyester tops that trick us. Screw you Lauren Conrad (who made this monstrosity). Who am I kidding? I’ll be back at Kohl’s next time we get another 20% off in the mail.

I don’t know where I’m going with this but just know that if you want to see how you really look in something, pretend to be a fashion blogger for 10 minutes. I’m a jeans and t-shirts kind of girl. Maybe I should find a really well cut t-shirt and stick to that. Maybe even *gasp* learn how to accessorize.

Welp, at least my hair looked decent. And hey, if you are pregnant, here’s an outfit idea!

I think that’s my cue to go.

Wavy Bob Hairstyle

p.s. Note to Self: If you are going to pretend to be a fashion blogger, It’d be good to not be covered in dog hair in your photos, Nadine. Get it together.

  • While I don’t think you look preggers and I like your outfit (esp the jeans), I had to laugh at this post. I LOVE flowy tops, but my fiance always tells me they make me look huge (he phrases this nicely as “you have a nice bod, but that shirt does nothing for you and makes you look enormous”). Once I saw a picture of myself in one I totally agreed. It seems like the only shirts available these days are extra flowy or crop tops… there’s gotta be something in the middle!

  • I think you look cute! But I do COMPLETELY agree about trends. There are times that I want to like something SO BADLY because it’s trendy, but I just look ridiculous in it! I’m almost glad when things like crop tops are big again because I have ZERO temptation to be trendy. 😛

  • Yup, I’d wear that outfit for sure. My baby is six months old and I’m still suffering from “post-pregnancy pooch”. But you look awesome and the haircut is bangin’!

  • I have such a hard time with fashion, as I look at so many things and have my very own Lizzy McGuire moment! I think it’s SO important to recognize what fits your body type and shop to the body you have, not the body you want. It’s a hard lesson…

    but then again, every day this week I have looked down around 2pm and thought, “Oh, my God. I look like a frumpy middle aged mom.” WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!

  • Allison

    Oh. HOW do you get hair to look and stay like that?! So dang cute.

  • Liza

    At least you don’t dress like Lizzie McGuire! (Who am I kidding, I thought she was so fashionable when I was in middle school). And the polyester thing…so weird, I know what you mean. What is it about that material?? It’s gross.

  • I actually think it is a really cute outfit!!!! But I definitely understand what you mean about dressing for your body, not just following trends 🙂

  • JC

    This is how I feel every time I think i should take photos for the blog or of my jewelry. I do not know how they do it!!!

  • Loved this post. I’ve definitely had that moment where I put together and outfit that I thought looked really great, only to see myself in a picture later and shudder. Why did no one tell me that I looked like that?! Ah. It’s good to go shopping with gal pals because you can usually get a good vibe as to their true opinion. If they love something, it will certainly be known. If they don’t really like something there’s usually a fair bit of silence and a gentle, “no, I don’t love it.”

    Flowy tops! I love them and genuinely think most people can wear them, but you really have to be discerning about it. You definitely have to try on! Also, I wish I could pull off crop tops but I sincerely cannot. I also had a good chuckle when I considered what I’d look like in one. One trend I want to love, but has gone haywire – high/low. I can handle it in small doses.


  • There are some trends that you just have to ignore until their moment passes by. I saw some strange crop top/harem pants combo at Target this week on one of their main displays, like this is THE outfit for spring or something, and I literally said out loud in the middle of the clothing section, “Aw, helllllllll no!” I’ll stick with covering my tummy this spring and wearing pants that don’t look like I have a diaper on underneath, thankyouverymuch.

  • I hate it when i find a top that i think looks flattering on and in the mirror and then i see photos and am shown otherwise! not cool.

  • Those yellow flowers are gorgeous!

  • Haha I thought it was cute! Only after YOU said you looked pregnant, and I scrolled back up obviously, THEN I was like hmmm… I guess I see what you could mean 🙂 But it’s still super cute! And your hair is fab! If you find a brutally honest personal shopper send them my way. I could use that, too. Big time.

  • Sometimes, I hate cameras. Also, I think you still look really put together and gorgeous!

  • I live in oversized/flowy tops and skinny jeans and assume I look 4 months pregnant at all time. BUT that means I can eat my face off when we go out to dinner so I just go with it. and LOVE your hair!

  • Your hair looks great!

    I’ve been thinking lately that I really need a sassy gay friend to help me dress myself. That would make life so much easier.

  • Oh my goodness. This has happened to me. I have a batch of photos of an outfit I was excited about and a new purse I bought. I made my sister take a few photos and when I looked at them on my computer, BLEH. Note to self: do not take outfit shots with clothes that have vertical lines. It does not look good. I got dizzy looking at all the photos. Fashion blogger fail.

  • i really don’t think this looks bad on you, but i totally know what you mean about it looking different than how you picture it in your head.

    xo. jenn @ hello, rigby!

  • I’m a brutally honest person so most of my friends don’t enjoy shopping with me (or in any case, ask me advices). In H&M, they got these great new Spring fashion stuff in store with Miranda Kerr modelling them and in one photo particular, she looked amazing in this pink ruffle top. I decided to try it on and wooow, I just looked like I was wearing a gigantic baby bib. I don’t know what happened – it looks flattering and small on Miranda but once I tried it on, the ruffles were just too big. I tried to convince myself it’s decent looking but I couldn’t even walked out the changing room with that top on.

  • Okay well I totally don’t think you look pregnant in the first picture, but perhaps at a different angle things change? I have shirts that are unflattering like that too! And I can’t tell you how many times hubs has taken pictures of me, I upload them, and whine over what they look like. For some reason outside I thought I was America’s Next Top Model. It’s bananas! You look lovely, always!

  • I agree, I really could use the fashion police at the door of my apartment to make sure I actually look like someone who does work in a New York City office before I head out the door!

  • I completely agree on needing someone brutally honest to shop with, which is why I still even as a grown ass adult make my mom go shopping with me because I know she will tell me the truth and I trust her opinion and fashion sense.

  • My friend and I have been talking about this weird fashion for months! They may look flattering on some people, but come on F21! There’s nothing in their stores but crop tops and these flowy things. Annoying…
    Anyways I also wanted to tell you I dedicated a blog post to you! I hope you read it 🙂

  • Hahaha! Oh girl, this sounds way too familiar. Why do things always look so much different in photos than they do in the mirror? I wish I had the time/cared enough to take a photo of myself every morning, analyze it, and then adjust my outfit before going out in public every morning. Maybe someday when I’m rich I will hire a stylist. 🙂

    I really don’t think this outfit is that bad at all though – it just looks like your shirt is flowing in the breeze. 🙂 Your jacket is adorable!

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