The Weekend Time Machine


This weekend I essentially got in a time machine and went back to 2007. I woke up Sunday morning in a twin bed in a dorm room scattered with Nattie Lights (which apparently someone bought for nostalgic reasons..??), to music blaring and a throbbing headache. Because 5 year college reunions are the perfect place to act like you’re 19 all over again.

On Friday we went down to Richmond, Virginia for N’s 5 year college reunion. I was going to post something about how “oh my gosh it’s been 5 years” or “nothing has changed but everything has changed” but then we just had too much freaking fun and I really can’t believe how much it was just like being in college again (only at a college I didn’t go to).

What’s pretty amusing about putting lots of 27-year-old guys back in their dorm rooms is that they instantly revert back to the good ole’ days.

Suddenly you look around and there is a packed dorm room with blaring music and everyone is dancing and you realize that there is a doctor (like a real freaking doctor) holding the beer bong, there’s a CEO turning up the Top Gun soundtrack, a lawyer is attempting to climb up through a ceiling tile (?), and the girl who works at a children’s hospital has turned in to a bit of a noodle (oh wait, that was me).

Then someone interrupts the raging dance party to yell – COPS. Everyone shushes and laughs and then keeps dancing. Because you know what? Campus police are way nicer to drunk 27 year olds in dorms than they are to 19 year olds. One quick “hey guys, can you turn down the music a bit?” and we just kept on going.

And suddenly it occurs to you….HAHA WHO LET US BE GROWN UPS?!

p.s. I realize that it’s mid-day Tuesday and I’m just now talking about the weekend but hey, I’m not 19 anymore and Monday was brutal.

  • I visited my bf’s college recently and all he kept saying was “everything looks bigger, nothing is the same!” And totally agree with the whole everything changes and suddenly you feel very out of date.
    Totally unrelated but I have to ask! I am obsessed with your Instagram widget, how did you manage to find one that shows 9 photos at once??

  • Hahaha LOVED reading this I can’t wait to have my first reunion in four years! Thanks for sharing

  • Haha loved this! I’ve never been to a college reunion, but now you’re making me want to!

  • Haha this sounds wonderful! I need a throwback with my college buddies!

  • Moe

    I didn’t know there are 5 year reunions! I recently went back to my alma mater for the first time since graduating and it felt so weird! It was like all the memories were rushing back and the place felt so familiar yet strange at the same time… like I just didn’t belong there anymore. Unfortunately I went over the weekend (for some friends’ graduation) and the alma mater house and the bookstore were closed! I still don’t have a school sweater and I really want one… one day….

    • Aw bummer! A lot has changed on my college campus since I graduated so when I went back, I was like THIS IS ALL WRONG. Even my favorite bar changed ownership and isn’t the grungy, beautiful place it once was.

  • Pretending to be in college at our age is exhausting, haha. Every time we go back to our college town for games, we leave hours before closing.

    • We were there Friday and Saturday night and honestly, it was exhausting but so so fun.

  • We live in the same town as many of our college friends and everytime a birthday, a marriage proposal, a new house or hell even a normal holiday happens its just like going back to college. When people leave their kids with the grandparents it’s like instant party time. I love that we can still do this, even if I do have to sit on the couch for the next 3 days.

    • We were all kind of wondering at this reunion if it would be the same once we all have kids. I kind of hope it will. It makes you feel young again!

  • Chelsea

    STOPP!!! I want my college to throw a 5 year reunion, so fun!

  • I don’t think I would go to a reunion but the older I get the less sure of this I am

    • I would never go to my high school reunion and my college was too big to have one. N’s college is small and they are very close so it made sense.

  • haha, that sounds like a fun weekend. Although I am going to school as a 27/28 year old now first timer and I go to one of my local bars to have a beer and to study. But my bed time is strictly 10:30. So college fun stuff ends rather early for me. Haha. Would love to see some beautiful pictures of the campus up on the blog when you get a chance.

    • I wish I was responsible enough to take pictures like that but unfortunately I just have pictures that probably shouldn’t be on the internet 😉

  • This post really resonates with me right now as I just had a college reunion last weekend too haha. Nothing says college like waking up in a room with Nattie Light cans…I just love that stale shitty beer smell in the morning! Also LOL at the campus police thing! We were pre gaming in our old dorm rooms and would automatically hush if we heard footsteps outside haha…drunk in dorms just feels like you’re in trouble. What’s being an adult? Anddddd I also was the most hungover ever when the weekend was over. I don’t know how we used to function in college.

  • i don’t know if i could handle partying like a 19 year old again but it’s always fun to try and get away from adulting for a little bit 🙂

    • I didn’t think I could either but I had some encouragement from friends. Although now that I think about it, we drank more wine than nattie light (thank God) so I guess we’ve improved a bit since 19.

  • Haha so good! Sounds like an awesome weekend, the older I get the more I realise ‘adults’ are just older teenagers, people don’t really change 😛

  • I can not wait for mine, especially after this!

  • Haha, that sounds wonderful. What a great way for them to celebrate the 5-year reunion, I wish more schools did that. I’m 95% sure Drexel does not.

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