The Very Worst Day (EVER) or The Day Christmas Got Stolen

This story should be in two parts. But you know how when you’ve repeated a story so many times that you are just sick of talking about it? It’s like that. So here is the long and the short of it (mostly long):

On our way home from spending Christmas in Maine with my family. It started to snow, super unexpectedly. It was supposed to flurry but we thought we’d be well out of New England before that happened. After some scary slipping and sliding, without snow tires and a 4 wheel drive car, we were quickly stuck. 

I called the Connecticut State Police to see what we should do and they sent an officer. The officer (super nice) said the only thing he could do is call a tow truck to come get us. That seemed like the only safe option so we said, yup, send ’em. He said he’d sit behind us until the tow truck got there. An hour later a tow truck pulls up, says he’s got 3 people to pick up before us and he’ll come back for us. The cop tells us to pull forward and get past the guard rail and he takes off to help others. We continue to wait for the tow truck.

Here’s what the road looked like

When a tow truck finally pulls up, we are desperate. We’ve been waiting for 3 hours, peed in the woods during a blizzard (that’s no joke), and generally were going stir crazy. The tow truck driver seems quirky but we grab Archie and hop in to the truck while he pulls the car up on the flatbed. He drives us to the hotel and we think, phew, well at least this will be a funny story someday (or a funny blog post next week).

The tow truck driver says that he can’t charge us with a card cause the office is closed and he can’t take a check and we don’t have cash. We ask him to take us to an ATM so we can just keep the car at the hotel but he insists that he can’t because he doesn’t do the full charges, his boss does. Plus he has to go get other cars. He says he has to take the car to the auto shop and bring it back in the morning once his boss can charge our card. 

At this point, we are terrified that the hotel will either be full or won’t allow dogs. We don’t want to leave our stuff in the car, but he says we can’t get up on the truck bed, it isn’t safe. I truly do believe it wouldn’t have been safe, but we should have insisted. We agree to let him take the car to the lot and he says he will bring it back at 8am after we have been charged. Little did we know…

We head into the hotel, which has rooms but doesn’t allow dogs. I put on an Oscar worthy performance (THERE IS NO ROOM AT THE INN….sob sob sob) and they make an exception. 

Morning comes, 8am rolls around and we call to get the car back. Nav pays $305 for towing, storage fee, and towing back to the hotel. We’re pissed cause they kind of screwed us there but we accept it. Time passes. Nav calls back. More time passes. At 10am, he calls and says he’s downstairs with the car. We come down and hear this: “I’ve got bad news”…

Our car was broken in to at the lot and everything worth anything is gone. My 5 month old Macbook Air, my 2 month old Nikon D5100, Christmas gifts, my old iPhone 4 (side note: got an iPhone 5 for Christmas, thank God that was with me), a new external hard drive from my brother, my stocking, and lots of other Christmas gifts. The car was broken into at the lot that we had just been forced to pay for to keep our car “safe” for the night.

The police were called, an officer stayed with us at the hotel, the tow truck shop was shady to not call them in the first place, another officer went to the scene and they had video footage of the thief. Long story short, I’m not getting my stuff back. I know it and the police know it. And overall we feel violated and very very taken advantage of.

Yes, it was stupid of us to be so trusting. Yes, we should have insisted that we climb up on the truck bed and get it out. At the time, it didn’t seem safe and after sitting in a snow pile for 3 hours, we weren’t up to arguing. We were naive. And trusting. And hopeful that on the day after Christmas, just 10 miles from the horror in Newtown a few weeks ago, that this type of thing wouldn’t happen. That there was still good in the world. That the worst was over for us for the night.

Here’s the honest part: I don’t have the money to replace the stuff. Hell, I hadn’t even paid off the computer yet. And in case the thief finds my blog (which he very well could since he has access to all of my information and bookmarks etc.), I used my computer primarily for work, at a childhood cancer foundation. A non-profit that provides financial assistance to families of children with cancer. So yeah, I hope he feels horrible and I hope that karma works its magic on this truly horrible person.

So that was the worst day ever. For me. So far in life. But you know what? I had the important stuff.  I had spent a wonderful Christmas with my family. After the police left, I got a group hug from Naveed and Archie, and I just knew I had all the good stuff in life. The important stuff. And we’d be okay. I’m going to try not to let this make me cynical. Really really try.

But for a good long while, the pictures on here will be a lot less pretty. 

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