The Unwritten Rules of Blogging

I wish someone had told me when I started blogging:
Here are the biggest no-no’s. 
Don’t do them.

Wouldn’t that be great? 

I also wish someone handed me a vocabulary index because we’ve sure invented our own lingo, haven’t we?

And the award for most awkward blog term goes to: Sponsor
Having a blog sponsor = Yay! Fun! Money!   
Having a real life sponsor = The fun got out of hand.

But no one handed us a manual. We learned from either making these mistakes ourselves or watching from a distance as someone else made them. Or from someone doing this to us and it ticking us off.

So here are some unwritten rules of blogging: 

1. Be conscious of who you ask to swap. Are your blogs similar in size with similar content? Then go ahead and request a swap. Become friends. Tweet at each other. Build each other up. But don’t get too bold with those requests. In most cases, it’s nice if swapping is mutually beneficial. If it’s really only beneficial for you, consider buying a sponsorship.

2. On that note, choose who you sponsor wisely. What are they offering with a sponsorship? Guest posts and sponsor spotlights will do more for you than just leaving an ad to chill in their sidebar. But you probably could have guessed that.

The no-no portion of this is: who you sponsor, you will be assosiciated with. Don’t sponsor someone you wouldn’t want to be associated with, just for the traffic. It’s not worth it. If you don’t genuinuely like their blog, what makes you think their followers will like you?

3. Don’t leave stupid comments. This includes “new follower, I’d love a follow back,” or “check out my giveaway,” or anything not related to the content of the post you are commenting on. Just don’t. It’s rude and I promise, bad manners will not get you further. I’ve never even so much as left my blog link at the end of a comment. 

4. Don’t steal ideas. Want to rework an idea that another blogger did? Fine. Consider getting their permission first. But don’t steal because someone will call you out on it and you will be embarrassed. 

5. Drama going on? Stay out of it. You can bet I’ve never given a single opinion about any drama in blog world. I could call it all childish or pathetic but the thing is, I’m a silent observer. It’s great fun to watch the train wreck. So do yourself a favor and don’t tweet about it, don’t write a rebuttle post, don’t mention it one time anywhere. Stay out of it. But if you have the time and energy, go right ahead and enjoy from a distance. It’s like reality tv but with people you [sort of] know.

The blog world is a funny thing. It’s constantly evolving and we’re adapting. Every day there are newbies and every day, someone breaks those unwritten rules. 

So what other rules do you wish someone had shared with you? 

*This post previously appeared as a guest post on Jessica Who?*


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