The Sunday Currently

Yesterday we chilled.
I can’t say I truly accomplished a single thing. 
It was glorious.
And we saw Olympus Has Fallen.
If you’re in a f-yeah America kind of mood (which I always am),
you’ll love it.

reading Not a damn thing. If you don’t count blogs. But I do. So basically, TONS!
writing Guest posts. Blog posts. Blog drafts. Mostly drafts. Drafts that will never be posts.
listening To the never ending background noise that is March Madness. You know what is madness? Forfeiting the TV for the weekend in exchange for one nice dinner. Should have negotiated brunch in there somewhere.
thinking About my mini-vacay next weekend. Outer banks, here I come!
smelling It better be pollen soon. It better. Spring, get here. Now.
considering Going blonder. Kind of like Cara, an ashy light blonde. Decisions, decisions. Opinions?
hoping That I’ll get a chance to wear sandals soon. I bought 2 pairs of sandals at Target. Then it snowed.
loving My handsome fella and the king of all brats, Archie.
wondering Why does the blog world kind of die out on the weekends? Isn’t that when we (theoretically) have the most time available?
wanting Another one of these tempura friend brownies. Yes, that’s right. FRIED BROWNIE.
needing To remember to bring my camera everywhere! My photography class doesn’t appreciate 400 photos of Archie. Lucky for me, the blog world does! Wait, you don’t? Moving right along…
feeling A little tipsy, folks. A little tipsy. Super early Sunday = Late Saturday night = 2 glasses of wine. That’s really all it takes. 2. 
clicking There were tons of awesome things happening in blog land this week. Here are some of my favorites:

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and that spring has sprung, wherever you may be!




  • Glad you loved my post! And I would love to see you with a sassy new blonde color for Spring!

  • Tempura fried brownies?! Those sound beyond amazing. Happy Sunday, lady!

  • That lighter blonde is so pretty! I know what you mean with having tons of pictures of your dog. I really only take pictures of my baby anymore. I have to actually make myself take pictures of other things. 😛

  • Love your blog design!

    Here via The Sunday Currently

    Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

  • I love ashy blondes. My hair always tries to head back to a caramel blonde and I just gave up the fight awhile back. I hear ya. 2 glasses of wine is all I need to feel realllyyy good, too. Happy Sunday!

  • Haha, I loved her rant on Starbucks. And I totally agree with you, blog reading counts as reading. Why not- it means that we consistently spend time reading new things every day 🙂

    My Sunday Currently Post

  • For the record, I always LOVE pictures of Archie. Always. 🙂

  • Too funny about blog world dying out on the weekends! So true!

    New follower from the hop 🙂
    Jamie & Kristen

  • I just got my hair highlighted last weekend and LOVE it. Go for it girl!

  • i love the outer banks! definitely bring your camera there… lots of good material. so happy to find your blog 🙂

  • AHHH you’re going to the Outer Banks? That’s my neck of the woods!! I live about an hour away, in what the locals refer to as the “Inner Banks”. It’s seriously the best place ever, you’ll love it!!! Go to John’s (if it’s open) and get a dolphin sandwich if you can… it’s the bomb! (and not really dolphin..promise) Have fun!!!

  • I feel the same way about weekend blogging. Like, everyone claims to be blogging because they love, love, love to write and love the camaraderie and want to keep their blog as a record of their lives, but it’s like an unwritten rule that no one “has to” post on weekends.

    I think it’s because maybe a lot of people blog from work? Or, it’s because no one is expected to blog on the weekends, so they “put in their time” for their sponsors or whatever on the weekdays and then take the weekends off. I don’t know.

    I usually blog on the weekdays (when I blog), because I do it from work. But weekend blogging feels more…organic? to me, I guess.

  • I really loved this post and the format – great idea!! & I happen to be be bias but I like my shout out 🙂 Glad you have a iPhone Icon; I am making a reading list but seriously keep getting upset with the blogs I read all the time who haven’t done it yet. It really is so convenient for me to read blogs that way!

    Anways — I still post on the weekend.. I think its weird that it kind of shuts down too..

  • LOVE getting my hair did 🙂 so much fun!

    Hope you have a good time on your mini-vacay! And hopefully spring comes soon for you too, it seems like winter has lasted long enough, ha!

  • i forfeited the TV for this past weekend, too. it wasn’t too bad – i got to read up on a lot of blogs & stuff, so that was productive.

    i love ash blonde hair – you should do it! it is getting to be warmer weather, after all 🙂

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