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I read Tina’s version of Sunday Currently, and decided to jump on the link up train. 
This is my first time linking up with the lovely Lauren.

Reading After seeing Safe Haven, I decided I needed a little more Nicholas Sparks in my life. I just started his newest novel The Best of Me. So far so good. I’m also working on setting a world record for the number of samples I can have downloaded on my kindle. Lots of books about blogging and writing.

Writing Um, this blog post. Duh. Also about 30 other blog post drafts.

Listening I’m not a huge Bruno Mars fan but his  most recent jam, When I Was Your Man is really amazing. Doesn’t everyone hope that’s how all of their ex-bf’s feel about them?

Thinking That you are going to love whats coming on Back East Blonde in the next few weeks. We’re sprucing things up a bit around here!

Smelling Brunch! Isn’t Sunday Brunch the best? It must be, because I started writing this post as we waited for a table at our favorite Sunday brunch place. 

Wishing For one more day of the weekend. A second Sunday.

Hoping That one day Archie learns to walk down our back stairs. Every time we have to let this kid out, we have to carry him. He is now almost 44 pounds. This has got to stop.

Wearing Pin attire! I’m heading to my first meeting as an advisor for Delta Gamma. ITB! 

Loving  My handsome guy. And the fact that he is feeling better. For the past two days, everyone in my house was either shitting themselves or throwing up (one was Archie, one was Nav, you decide which was which). Fortunately, everyone is on the mend.

Wanting More tag-a-longs. After much back and forth with many of you on twitter, I was informed that the Girl Scouts have a cookie locater app. Well that’s just dangerous, now isn’t it? So I went out and bought 3 boxes. And wouldn’t ya know the tag-a-longs are already gone? Wonder who ate them all…*insert shifty eyes here*

Needing To get better at painting my own nails. How do you do it ladies? Whats your secret?

Feeling Simultaneously well-rested and exhausted. This morning we brought back the teenage years by sleeping til 11:15. I hate it. We wasted the day.

Clicking I’m just obsessed with Buzzfeed lately. There is so much funny stuff on there! 

I hope you are having a wonderful lazy Sunday!

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