The State of Our Country

I don’t know if you have watched the new show The Newsroom or not. 
But if you watch one thing this week, I urge you to watch this clip.
It’s the greatest intro to a show that I’ve ever seen. 
I’ve watched it at least 4 times since I watched the first episode.
It’s shocking, beautiful, moving, and inspiring.
Warning: There are 2 f-bombs in this video.

I will say that I’d have a hard time speaking the words
“America is not the greatest country in the world anymore.”
Because truth be told, I still think it is.
This country has given me everything I have.
So even if I’m naive,
I’m most certainly grateful.
Please give it a watch and tell me what you think.

  • amen amen amen.

    I’ve lived in numerous countries thanks to my dad’s job growing up. In fact, I grew up outside of the US. And I just have to say, as much as I absolutely love this country, as much as I don’t want to live anywhere else, I can’t stand this AMUUURRRRICAAAA attitude. Yes, it’s an amazing country. But there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that makes us better than everyone else.

  • Love this video clip! I think I saw it sometime last week when I was randomly up pretty late. So many of these things needed to be said and even if it’s just in a show, I certainly appreciated it. Its brashness is kind of therapeutic and I’m sure there are plenty of people who don’t want to hear that type of commentary. However, being a good citizen (and a smart one) involves being able to critique your country while balancing a sense of appreciation.

  • I don’t watch the show but I did come across this clip on the internet. Talk about making you think. I find it actually pretty depressing. Talk about an eye opener. As much as I love being an American I am afraid that this country seems to be heading downhill a bit unfortunately. People don’t want to work for what they want anymore, and they don’t respect each other or their surroundings. Maybe I just have an idealistic view of how things should be, idk.

  • This is great. I haven’t watched Newsroom (although I probably will; I love the West Wing and even liked Studio 60), but really. Everyone should see this clip. Thanks for sharing it. I’ve always been more of a realist/cynic than a true patriot, but living in the U.K. the past three years has really opened my eyes to what a crapfest America has become- and is continuing to spiral to- in my lifetime. It’s sad, really, because I do *want* to be “proud to be an American”- but its hard when there are so many shameful things done in our country right now, and absolutely no movement forward as long as our bipartisan system just keeps throttling each other’s throats in an effort to keep the other party down- instead of working together to bring our country up.

  • I think it’s so depressing when people aren’t proud of where they are from. I’m Team America–even if we do have some issues to fix. (Seriously, the ones who talk to most shit about our country are the ones who are doing absolutely nothing to try to fix it.) XO, A Proud American.

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