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Have you seen the show The New Normal? I love it. When I first saw the previews I thought they were trying to make a Modern Family knock off but it’s not that at all. It’s wonderful and totally its own thing and really I just love Bryan (he’s below in the red). Watch it. You won’t regret it.

In other news, my roots are bad. Like horrible. You know all that stuff I was doing to try to get my hair to grow long, faster? I almost regret it now because it makes my roots show so much faster too. 

Okay they don’t look this bad from the front.

I have a hair appointment right now for later this month but I’m having a really hard time spending so much money with the puppy coming next month. Everywhere I’ve read says that however much you think your going to spend on a puppy, you spend way more. 

So here’s the question. Would it be horrible to switch to single process blonde instead of getting highlights? Single process is a lot cheaper but I’m also thinking it might not look as natural. Any single process blondes out there? Help a girl out! Also, has anyone tried eSalon?

And in other news, we bought a giant crate! And, because I am way too excited, we’ve already set it up. These days, I spend at least an hour a day admiring my sweet pup on our breeders webcam. She sent us more pictures this week so excuse me for sharing just one more:

Mosley? Walter?  Rupert? Name still undecided.

Happy Almost Friday!
I’d give up the whole weekend 
if it meant that the day we bring our puppy home would come sooner.


  • That is the cutest puppy picture I have ever seen. Seriously, your posts are giving me puppy-fever…precious!

    Oh, and you definitely will spend more than you expect. The first few months we had our pup she had to go to the vet repeatedly (mainly because I was paranoid), and I bought her SO much stuff. Enjoy!

  • We have this crate and it is amazing. Some advice is start him off sleeping in the crate from night one. If you leave the house, give him lots of treats (our little routine is PB in a kong and a sweet potato treat, every time he goes in there) so he associates it with treats. He will love his crate.

  • We have that crate as well, but a very tiny version! And Cara is right about training the puppy to love the crate. Bronx goes in there whenever I go upstairs for anything and he loves it!

  • so much truth to spending more $ then you plan when you get a puppy! but so worth it 🙂

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