The One Where We Match

Remember when I dyed my own hair?
Yeah, I’m not gonna do that again.
So yesterday, I got my hair done.
I sat in the chair, took a deep breath and said:

And perhaps subconsciously, 
I changed my hair to exactly match…
my dog.

This is Archie’s why-is-that-camera-beeping-at-us face. Self-timer, pup. He’ll learn.
No seriously. It’s almost identical. 
I really do love the color though.
She always does a much better job than I could do myself.
But to hear your boyfriend tell you that you and Archie “match,”
that wasn’t quite what I was going for.
What do you think about being blonder for winter?
Does winter give you the itch to change your hair too?
Last fall/winter, I dyed by hair brown.
Hi Bex! I miss you!
Not all hair decisions are good ones.
Live and learn.
What hair-rors (hair errors) have you made?
Do share.

  • I always get the urge to go darker in the fall, but this year I’m staying full on blonde. I’m considering it an ice blonde. I’m too scared to dye it at home, sometimes it’s best to go to a professional!

    Yours looks great!

  • Too freakin cute that you match your puppy. I’m a wimp when it comes to changing my hair so the biggest mistake was probably the Sun-In days. That was never good. haha

  • Hahah when I read the title of this post and went right to the picture, I was totally thinking awe cute he has a blue collar on and she has a blue shirt on… then I realized that you were talking about your hurrrr. I like it and who cares if you and Archie match. He IS your son. Just sayin’.

  • HEYYYY you always made me want to dye my hair just because you made it look so easy…remember when I went blonde?? WOOF (oh hey Archie) I think the blonde looks fabulous, as always, and it’s fine to match your darling babypuppy. If 101 Dalmations (the cartoon) taught us anything it’s that you should look like your dog right? Right. I MISS YOU TOO and i love that picture even though I know you were in a ::dark:: place. bahaha. I actually liked your hair at that in between lighter brown, cinnamon tint…do you recall? Anyway, i’m getting the itch lately to change something (I’ve practically grown out my side bang- gasp!) but i’m not sure what… stay tuned…

    • I liked you blonde! I thought it looked good. It should also be noted that this sweater is a hand me down from you. And I wear it all the time. Like I wore it to bed last night and then today as an outfit. That’s right, I didn’t change from my pj’s, I just added boots.

  • I have made SO many hairrors… I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Once, I did DIY color and *tried* to go ashy blonde… it came out green. Ugh. It cost so much to fix, too. Totally not worth it.

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