The one where I wear HIS shirt

The other day my bestie Kaylin rocked her man’s shirt.
And that led me to wonder,
why didn’t I raid my guys closet more?

As I’ve shown before, he’s got enough button downs for 10 men.
College in the south will really do that to a guy.

So today, I stole this chambray-looking (but not quite) beauty.
If we’re being honest, it looks better on him.
But Kaylin triple-dog-dared me to try to make a mans shirt work.
And this girl just can’t turn down a dare.

Check out that infinity scarf? 
Ya dig it?
Well, I decided that infinity scarves were far too expensive in most stores.
And seeing as it’s a DIY, even if the “yourself” in that equation is craft-illiterate, 
I gave it a shot. 
One row of hand stitching later and I’ve got myself a fab addition to any outfit.
Scarves are really just statement necklaces for poor people bloggers.

Animal prints are in this season.
As evidenced by Jessica Alba:

I’ve never been quite bold enough to wear them but this little accent is just enough for me to venture into jungle territory.
Pull me back if I start to get all Snooki on you.

I made one more in houndstooth that I’ll do a full DIY on later this week.
Happy Almost Friday!


  • You look great! I use my husbands teeshirts all the time and pair them with leggins and sweaters!

    • I don’t know why I never thought to borrow his shirts before (for anything besides sleeping). I’ve got lots of cute outfit ideas from his closet now!

  • This is freaking adorable on you.
    I love it. It would look super cute tucked into high waisted pants too!!! So happy you are doing my challenge. Miss you like whoa.

    • Thanks! I miss you too!

  • SO cute!! You definitely made it work, girl! I also love the scarf idea. Since I can’t sew at all, I just tie the ends together and tuck them into the rest of the scarf.

    • Thats a good idea too. I’m definitely not crafty and my sewing skills are limited but I just do the one straight line, which I can manage.

  • Very cute! I’m all about leopard print. I got my leopard print scarf on eBay for cheap. I like how you made your man’s shirt work.

    • I never thought to check ebay for scarves! Great idea. It would be nice if they were cheaper on there than the fabric is at the store. It is pretty expensive but still usually cheaper than buying a pre-made scarf.

  • YOu look great in it. I had some friends who were able to wear their hubbys clothes and pull it off. I tried it one day and lets just say I didn’t make it out of the house that day. I guess I am just not brave enough!

    • Not all of his shirts would work, at all. Some of them just look horrible. This one was more of a slim cut so it was easier to belt it than others.

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