The one where I try to be a photographer

On Sunday (before football started, of course), I made Naveed and Archie head to the park down the street to take some pictures to send with our Christmas cards. 

(Yes, I was super late sending them out. But this has been proof that procrastination pays off! The cards were 20% off because I waited. Score!)

Any-hoo, as you may have read, I don’t edit my photos because I don’t know how and I don’t have photo editing software. Photoshop is like hundreds of dollars. What the what?? Cray. Maybe someday. So here they are, straight out of the camera.

This top one is the one we went with for our Christmas card. 

Every once and a while, I like to replicate our first picture:

I’m sorry, are we in an L.L. Bean catalog?  

Look at these fine specimens! #Bragging. Sorry, I’m not sorry.

From the side, I think he looks like a cartoon character. Look at his little snout!

And just to be clear, our dog is not some perfect-posing magic dog. Here are just a few of the hundreds of outtakes:

Happy Hump-day, folks!
Does it feel like Friday to anyone else?

  • Hahaha cute! He is getting so big. Someone told me Bosley looks like the dog in the LL Bean catalog. Hey, there’s a reason they use Goldens in ads…

    • Oh, yeah. Goldens just sell the New England-y version of the American Dream. I love it. We’re actually going to take him up to LL Bean in Maine next week!

  • Hahaha This is way too adorable. I love the outtake photos! Archie is getting so big! Merry Christmas, you guys!!

    • He is getting so big! I need to work on my biceps because honestly, I have trouble picking him up these days. Merry Christmas to you!

  • so cute, I die.

    • Sames. How’d I get so lucky?

  • haha golden/labrador and their tree stick! mine is almost five years old and still love sticks!

    • He picks one up on almost every walk and I swear, he always picks the sticks that are wayyy to big for him. It’s going to be a life-long hobby, for sure.

  • Archie is so so sooooo cute!! I especially love the crazy hair on his little ears 🙂

    Beautiful pictures!

    Southern Living, Our Way ~

    • Thank you! He looks sweet in pictures but he’s got an evil side too. We love him!

  • what a cutie!! i can’t get enough of the sweetness!

    • He looks sweet but it doesn’t mean he always acts like it. We love him anyways.

  • The outtakes! The outtakes! I love them!

    • I love them too. I think they may be better than the regular ones!

  • hahaha these are so cute! i love the one you picked. photoshop is SO expensive!! how does everyone have it? i use and basically use the same 3 editing functions! 🙂

    • I use picmonkey too! I don’t know how everyone affords photoshop either. And then once you have it, you basically have to take a class to learn how to use it. I just figure if the picture was good, it was good, and I go with it.

  • These are such great pictures!! What a beautiful family!

  • Hahaha I love your outtakes. Archie is getting so big! Picasa has some pretty decent pic editing features, but I think your pictures look great straight from the camera!

    • Can I be honest? I tried to figure out how to use Picasa but I just don’t get it. It like sets up its own drive on your computer? I need a tutorial.

  • Great photos! Who needs editing software when you look that great naturally?!

    • Thank you! I always have to take like 300 pictures just to get a few good ones though.

  • such cuteness. I love that last picture.

  • Adorable dog!! Try this, I just did it and its working so far!

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