The Momentum of Mediocrity

Yesterday morning when I was so deliriously tired, I plopped down on the couch to enjoy whatever was on HBO at 9am on a Wednesday Morning. Don Juan DeMarco was on. I’d never heard of it but it had Johnny Depp, circa the early 90’s. Count me in.

I was half paying attention (i.e. reading blogs) when one of the main characters threw out the line above. And I stopped. Looked up from my computer screen. Rewound the TV. And re-watched the scene.  I’ll say it again:

“I just feel as though we’ve surrendered our lives to the momentum of mediocrity.”

That quote sums up everything I never want to feel about my own life

Day to day life can get kind of mundane. I bitch at Naveed for not remembering to buy toilet paper. Check my email too often. We walk the dog. Go out to dinner at the same 3 restaurants. Work. Watch too much TV. 

We’ve been dating for two years. Next up: Marriage. Buy a house. Kids. Careers. Retirement. 

I’m not saying I don’t want those things, because I do. But I want them in a thrilling way. So I can look back and say my life was a grand adventure. 

I don’t want to move to a foreign country or skydive or rent an RV and visit every state (wait, maybe I do). I want normal. But I don’t want it to feel just normal. I don’t want life to just push us along. 

So Nav, let’s make it an adventure, shall we?


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