The Momentum of Mediocrity

Yesterday morning when I was so deliriously tired, I plopped down on the couch to enjoy whatever was on HBO at 9am on a Wednesday Morning. Don Juan DeMarco was on. I’d never heard of it but it had Johnny Depp, circa the early 90’s. Count me in.

I was half paying attention (i.e. reading blogs) when one of the main characters threw out the line above. And I stopped. Looked up from my computer screen. Rewound the TV. And re-watched the scene.  I’ll say it again:

“I just feel as though we’ve surrendered our lives to the momentum of mediocrity.”

That quote sums up everything I never want to feel about my own life

Day to day life can get kind of mundane. I bitch at Naveed for not remembering to buy toilet paper. Check my email too often. We walk the dog. Go out to dinner at the same 3 restaurants. Work. Watch too much TV. 

We’ve been dating for two years. Next up: Marriage. Buy a house. Kids. Careers. Retirement. 

I’m not saying I don’t want those things, because I do. But I want them in a thrilling way. So I can look back and say my life was a grand adventure. 

I don’t want to move to a foreign country or skydive or rent an RV and visit every state (wait, maybe I do). I want normal. But I don’t want it to feel just normal. I don’t want life to just push us along. 

So Nav, let’s make it an adventure, shall we?


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  • LOVE LOVE LOVE. I think everyone strives for this but to be honest, no one will ever know your life experiences so as long as YOU think they’re awesome, who cares if anyone else does.

  • This is so great!! That quote is incredibly mind blowing!!

  • This post was spot on! Gotta enjoy your time together and your freedom while you can… From what I hear when you have kids that all goes out the window lol.

  • I love this quote! Thank you for sharing!

  • Yes! “I don’t want it to feel just normal.” I love it! I totally agree. I always say that I never want to describe myself as content..I don’t need the world, but I will always need more. Not more things…just MORE out of life. I think gratitude is key to what we’re after here, though. I feel like I’m living the most amazing life…when if I wrote it out on paper it wouldn’t seem like much..but I recognize the good and I swear, that is the best fuel.

  • I’ve never heard that quote until now, but I know I don’t want it to happen either. Time to start shaking things up 🙂

  • Amazing post! I agree with this whole heartedly. I want my life to be exciting, I want to go out and experience life to its fullest!!

  • I consider it adventurous to go to the late movie on a Tuesday.

  • What a great quote!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • This is so well-put. And I totally agree with you–I never want to feel that way about my life, but I think it’s more a state of mind than what things are ACTUALLY happening in your life. If you keep in the right positive mind frame, that will never be you!

  • I LOVE this. I think so many people think once you get married that’s it, but I want it to be fun. I want to travel, explore, etc and not live every day the exact same way.

  • I love this post! What a great quote. It is inspiring to want something more than just mediocre, and sometimes we tend to ride along with it because it is what is comfortable and easy.

  • OMG!! This post makes me feel extra mediocre, but I LOVE the quote.

  • I love everything about this post, from the quote to your desire to live through normal in a thrilling way. Mediocre should never be acceptable! I will be showing this post to my husb’d tonight so we can discuss how to take the mediocre out of our life and turn even the most ordinary of nights into something extraordinary!

  • Love this! I totally agree.

  • I’ve been going through this thought process a lot lately and I love that quote. I don’t want to get stuck in rut of normalcy.. I want to be able to feel happiness and adventure in the “regular” things while also trying new things. loved this!

  • I love everything about this!

  • I absolutely love this. As well as a good adventure

  • I agree!! I want a normal life, but I also want it to be fun! Great quote.

  • amen! life is an adventure! we need to treat it as such! for us, it was moving to a different country (but even day to day life can seem mundane as well at times) but to each person that means something entirely different! i love hearing about what this means to different people.

  • I love that movie and remember that scene very vividly!!!! Life can get very mundane at times but that’s what makes the more exciting times that much more incredible!!!! Maybe try switching up y’alls routine by trying a new place to eat or something…I get bored with my hubby and I’s normalcy too at times. I think that its normal to feel that way.

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  • Such an eye-opening quote! I think we can all relate. I hate feeling like I’m stuck in a rut! And other times, I’m content with my low key normal life. But a little adventure never hurt anyone 🙂


  • One of my very favorite movies EVER! Could Johnny Depp be any sexier? There’s a big difference between finding joy in the simple and accepting the mediocre, I could not be happier in my little life, but will never accept mediocracy. Everything should be beautiful!
    Teri @ A Beautiful Little Life

  • YES YES YES YESSSSSSS. You took the words right out of my mouth. For real.

    I LOVE this quote — “Being realistic is the most commonly travelled road to mediocrity.”

    My biggest fear in life is to be mediocre, “normal”, and boring. I think my life is a constant struggle to fight against those things. Thanks so much for posting this! xx

  • This post? is my LIFE right now … Mike and I have been dating 7 years, living together 2 years … we are basically an old married couple without the marriage.

  • This is exactly how I feel, my life consists of reading blogs, alcohol, & school. Great, but I need excitement. We all do! Hang that quote somewhere you can see before you leave and walk out the house like “im a boss” & go have a great day!

    – Kailagh Anne

  • I have this same feeling all the time – you really have to savor and hold on to those moments that make you feel ALIVE! Our whole country’s work culture is soooo “bass-acwkwords” that I get this feeling much too often

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