The Gross Change I Made to My Skincare Routine

I’ve recently made a change in my skincare routine and it has drastically improved my skin. The change is more extreme than any product I’ve ever tried. And honestly, it’s kind of gross.

The Gross Change I Made To My Skincare Routine

After years of battling acne, I was hard-wired to wash my face every morning and night. I never sleep with makeup on (I can’t think of one time that I ever have, it gives me the heebie geebies just thinking about it). I change my pillowcases religiously. I border on neurotic about it. Just kidding, I’m completely neurotic about it. Touch my face and die.

Years later, my once oily skin is now fairly dry with occasionally breakouts. Tack on this bitter winter we’ve been having and my face was a constant flakey mess. I’d established some habits to help battle the flakes but still, I was losing.

One day at work I was talking about skincare with my coworker and mentioned that I could not get my face to stop flaking, when she asked me, “why don’t you stop washing your face twice a day?” Um, what? This had never occurred to me. Ever. Washing my face morning and night is such a part of my routine, such an assumed action. I’d done this every day since the dermatologist told me to when I was about 13. I was certain that it would make me break out if I stopped my twice a day habit.

But I tried it. I stopped washing my face in the morning. Each morning I wake up and splash water on my face, sans cleanser. Then I moisturize and do my makeup as usual.

The flakes are gone. Not a little gone. Not slightly better. Completely gone. A drastic improvement. As a result, I’ve also had almost no pimples since I stopped my morning wash. I had always suspected that my dry flaky skin was actually causing me to break out. Looks like that may have been exactly what was happening.

I’m a little squeamish about it still. Like any new habit, it takes some getting used to. I have to fight off the heebie geebies each time I apply more moisturizer after just rinsing my face. But when I can apply makeup smoothly without it emphasizing my dry skin, those feelings instantly disappear.

As we get closer to summer, I may reassess my routine. But for now, WOW, I can’t believe such a simple change has made all the difference.

How often do you wash your face? Was I the weirdo before or am I the weirdo now?

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