The cutest post I’ll ever publish

Yesterday was probably one of the most exciting days I’ve had all year ever.
We met the newest member of our family.

Though we aren’t sure which one will be ours, I ooh-ed and ahh-ed over every single pup.

We got to meet the momma pup. She was the sweetest, most affectionate dog. Ever.
The first thing she did to “meet” you was to gently place both of her front legs around your waist. She didn’t jump, she really just gave you a hug.
I just couldn’t get enough.

Take good care of them, Momma!

For this occasion, we decided to wear our most responsible-adult-looking outfits.
And by we, I obviously mean that I spent an absurd amount of time freaking out about what both of us should wear and Nav agreed to put on whatever I selected.

Don’t we look like we’d be responsible dog owners?
We will. I promise.

So until November 9th, when we pick up our little bundle of joy, we’ll be having endless conversations over whether he’ll be:
Or any others we think up between now and then.
(We are taking, no, BEGGING, for suggestions)

Frankly, I hope this little guy in the middle is ours. 
He was passed out on his back the whole time.
Chillin’ like a villain.
I’m in love.

  • We named our puppy Oliver, so I obviously think that’s the best name. It will take him a bit longer to learn the name though because it’s 3 syllables. Watson and Percy are great names too though!

  • Oh my gosh. These are the cutest little nuggets ever.. I want one too! And yes, you both look like very responsible dog owners- so funny!

  • Their so so adorable! I always thought I would own a golden but instead we have an english mastiff lol…she’s the sweetest though. When you wrote “frankly” I instantly thought of the name “Franklin” and you could call him “Frank” for short! (you have to have a name that can be shortened!. My friends golden is named “Tucker” which I like and off of your list I like “Cooper”. Hopefully November comes quick for you!


  • DJ

    OMG. I think it would MAKE my life if I could be in a room with a pile of puppies. I love the little one on his back, too! I don’t even know what you’re wearing… I can’t stop looking at the puppies. (I am a crazy dog lady.)

  • Hi Nadine!
    I’m your newest follower via LIY! I just couldn’t pass up commenting on the precious little litter of puppies!! So cute! I really like all your names (my favorite is Ridley!) and I am so glad the guy in the middle is the one you’re attached to (he was my fav in the picture too!). I’m a huge fan of big dogs and my favorite boy dog names are Theo and Briggs. You’re welcome to either of them, since we’ve already got a fur baby named Matilda! Can’t wait to see what you decide!


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  • Awww, so cute!! I’m partial to old-fashioned animal names (my late kitty was named Henry and I have a puppy named Hazel), so out of the ones you suggested I love Watson and Wyatt! I also think Humphrey, Jasper, and Wilbur are cute 🙂 Good luck with naming – I can attest it’s difficult!!

    And sorry – I replied to someone else’s comment above, haha!

  • awwww, they are adorable!!! i am so jealous! We want a puppy so bad!! I love the name charlie 🙂

  • This is so cute! Everything down from the puppies to worry about outfits (loved yours, by the way). I was secretly hoping too, when I saw the second ‘bundle o puppies’ pic that you would get the one on his back. And I love love Cooper.

  • I love all the names you have, especially Sherlock and Cooper. If you name him Sherlock and get another dog later, you could name that dog Watson!!!!

    Also, I mentioned your blog in a post today 🙂

  • aaaand I melt.

  • So cute! I think you’re onto something though…I picked the puppy that was knocked out in the back of the little play pen while his siblings yapped and jumped and rolled all over him. Bronx is the best behaved little guy and he’s so relaxed and laid back!

  • Awwww – those puppies are PRECIOUS! I need a dog.

  • Too cute! Goldens are the best! We just got a Golden puppy about 2 months ago. Love her to death, though I’m ready for the training part to be over. lol!

  • Amy

    Awww they are gorgeous! Hope you manage to decide! I have just found your blog and have been enjoying having a look through 🙂

  • My thoughts:

    Wyatt – good name for a child actually
    Sherlock -WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER DUH if this is at least not his middle name we are not speaking again
    Watson -ok, second winner
    Cooper – yes and if you choose this i will call him “Hangin with” or just “Mister”

    Flynn – really into this. again, for a bay bay

    Percy- i will speak to the dog exclusivly in a british accent if this is his name.

    you’re welcome.


  • We are naming our dog “Finn” because he’s white…I was dying to name him “Linus”, but it means blonde or flaxen-haired…so Linus looks like it could be an option for you!! Enjoy your little one :))

  • Love this! I’ve been (going nuts) collecting vnitage crystal glasses/ decanters/ vases etc for my wedding next year and I’d love to have them all on display in our home. I agree with shinypigeon though, the pantry door needs to stay no-one needs to see that disorganised mess. The stacks of cans and half empty packets in there aren’t exactly styled if you know what I mean. x

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