The Body Shop Wild Argan Collection Review

Disclaimer: / The Body Shop sent me these complimentary products to try and to share my honest opinion about.

I’m sure by now you’ve picked up on my love of argan oil. If it wasn’t evident here and here, let me tell you again. I love the stuff. I use pure argan oil on my face every night before bed and it has drastically reduced my breakouts, dry skin, and *fingers crossed* it’s working its magic on my pre-crow’s feet.

The Body Shop Wild Argan Collection

So when I was asked to review The Body Shop’s new line of Wild Argan Oil products, I was more than game. Argan Oil has worked wonders on my face, so I was sure it would be equally fabulous on the body. And it is. Let’s check out the products.

The Products

1. Wild Argan Oil Shower Gel
2. Wild Argan Oil Body Butter
3. Wild Argan Oil Radiant Oil for the Hair and Body
4. Wild Argan Oil Rough Scrub
5. Wild Argan Oil Bath Lily
6. Wild Argan Oil Solid Oil Lips
7. Wild Argan Oil Body Lotion
8. Wild Argan Oil Massage Soap
9. Wild Argan Oil Bubbling Bath

Where The Body Shop Gets Argan Oil

This collection contains Community Fair Trade Wild Argan Oil from Morocco. The Body Shop works with a network of women’s cooperatives and supports rural agricultural communities. These are products you can feel good about. I like that.

Thoughts On The Collection

Without a doubt, the Solid Oil for Lips and the Radiant Oil for Hair and Body were my favorites from this collection. The lip oil is so good that I actually left it in my purse while taking the above picture! It stays with me all day for reapplication and honestly, the tin has a ton of product in it so it will last me a while.

I will say that I tried the Radiant Oil Spray on my hair and was a little too heavy-handed and wound up a bit greasy. For someone with thick, curly hair though, this product could be perfection. It’s the perfect solution for my dry skin and lazy attitude about putting on lotion. I love that it rubs in and within minutes, doesn’t feel greasy.

For days when my skin really needs attention (my skin gets super itchy when it’s dry), the body butter works wonders.

Interested in seeing what Argan Oil can do for your skin? Head to The Body Shop and check out this collection. Make sure to take these coupons for The Body Shop from with you!

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