That’s How You Got Here?!

Last night I had the biggest WTF moment in my blogging career. 

Prior to Venus and Helene announcing that we were going to share the craziest searches that have lead to our blogs, I had never tapped this gold mine of entertainment. 

I didn’t even know how to find it.

At first I was like, they’re here! I don’t care how they got here!

And now I realize there are some people I’d rather not find my blog.
Like the person who searched the last one on this list. You can leave now.

So with that, I give you the weirdest things people have searched to find my blog:

16 year old girl bathroom selfie
Um? I’m not 16, nor do I take bathroom selfies. Though maybe I should start. 

how to act like a blonde
I can teach you how to act like a klutz, for sure. 
Or how to look like you have your shit together.
But shhh the blonde is mostly fake at this point.

can you just erase your middle name
No. Middle names are important for scolding purposes.
That’s why I made one up for the beau, who doesn’t have one.

east is east, blonde friend
Why yes, yes it is.

fiance at bachelor party and never calls
Yikes! Mine was in Mexico but still called. Good luck with that.

free blonde nadin pics

how to be girlfriend material
Probably not the best source for this.
Exhibit A.

how to not be girlfriend material
Clearly we’ve got mixed feelings about what we want to be.
But this I’ve got some experience with

what is the boob test for your hair?
If you didn’t learn it by 8th grade, you don’t need it now.

i found a bug stinger in my head
Not my problem. Call your doctor. 

the crazies sorority girl ever
Na, that’s not me. It might be Kaylin though.

pictures of people stuck in a elevator freaking out
Well, I can help you there.

i peed my pants in an elevator
Alright, let’s not get crazy. I didn’t pee. 

i’m in love with a Mormon blog
Woof. Good luck with that. 
In my experience, those Mormon ladies get snatched up pretty quickly.

And the most wildly inappropriate award goes to 
the delightful person who searched this and found my blog:

make love and shit at same time

What. The. ?
Welp, that’s my cue to get out of here. 


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