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I have perfect vision. It’s not even genetics. It’s just luck.

Most of my family wears glasses. Even my 12 year old sister and 10 year old brother. But me? Nope. And yet I’ve always wanted them. What a great way to get people to take you more seriously! I’m ashamed to say but I think I look smarter with them. 

This fabulous pair of glasses and the below pair of sunglasses were sent to me by Firmoo

The glasses are fakies! Just clear lenses, that’s all. To be worn on days when my allergies get bad and I don’t feel like wearing makeup. Or days when I’m pretending to be Taza or Sydney. And they are only $16! Even with real lenses!

I had a great experience with Firmoo and they are definitely worth checking out. In fact, you can get your first pair free.
They do need to work on the names of their glasses though. Item numbers suck. How about something a little more fun? For instance, the first pair I’d call The Hipster. And the sunglasses? The Socialite. 

So if you’re a glasses wearing gal or you just need a nice pair of sunglasses, check them out. They even come with a glasses case and a little cleaning cloth! True life: Archie already ate the cleaning cloth. 

Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend!

Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for a review. All opinions stated are mine.

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  • Oh hey, fashion model! You are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! You looked smart before the glasses! 😉

  • don’t you look cute. 🙂 i wore glasses since I was like, 5….so I avoid them like the plague! they make me feel so insecure. We always want what we don’t have I guess.

  • Oh my gosh, these are so cute! Love that you were glasses even though you don’t need them! I have always wanted a pair as well even though I have perfect vision.



  • My sister wears fake glasses too. I’ve had glasse since I was in the third grade and my eyesight is terrible! I wear contacts now though because glasses always give me a headache.

  • you are so good at modeling those glasses, girl! I love firmoo.

  • I wore fake glasses when I was a sophomore . Well it almost killed my eyesight and now I am actually having real ones . I have mine from firmoo too 🙂
    Noor @ Noor’s Place

  • You look great in glasses! I wear contacts and glasses because my vision is awful, and I’d love to have perfect vision.

    The Grass Skirt

  • Those sunglasses are awesome! Also, I love your infinity necklace. Where is it from?

  • I love firmoo! I’ve gotten a few pairs and haven’t been disappointed yet! You look great in yours!

  • Totally a smart looking cutie! I say you pull off the Hipster frames beautifully!

  • I love those glasses and that royal blue shirt is gorgeous!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Love love love those first pair! I’ve been stricken with poor eye sight since I was 9 and I still have a couple of fake glasses just to try out styles before committing with with a real pair. Haha, I get teased but haters gonna hate 😉

    Firmoo sounds pretty sweet, I’ll have to check it out!


  • You are too freaking cute! Love both pairs and now I want to try rocking the fake glasses. I don’t need them either but I feel like they definitely scream “I’m a real adult”. Ha

  • I love your hair up in a bun like that – its looks so pretty! Glasses can be a fun accessory so who cares if you don’t need them to see. Where them anyways!

  • i have the choice between glasses an contacts and to be perfectly honest, majority of the time i pick glasses just because it covers most of my face! who needs to care about makeup when they have glasses…lame excuse i know

  • Both looks are so cute!
    Newest follower here 🙂


  • Love the glasses! The red lipstick and the high bun is adorable! Super cute! Jessica sent me your way and I’m so glad she did! Have a great Monday! XO

  • You look great. I do need glasses and I keep thinking about using Firmoo. Maybe I will jump on it now.

  • We totally have this in common. I actually have been caught sitting two inches from the tv to try and make my vision worse. I think glasses are the CUTEST! WHY do people wear contacts? Ugh. If only…….. One day we’ll both need them and regret ever feeling this way!

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