Summer TV That Doesn’t Suck

Every year when mid-May rolls around, I start to get anxious. What will I watch all summer? How will I waste an hour every Thursday night at 9pm now that Grey’s Anatomy isn’t on? Then one by one, every show goes out with a bang and we’re left breathless and abandoned. Who will keep us company now? Don’t worry, I’ve got you…

1. Mistresses

This show took a lot of heat when it first started because of its name. Many were worried and offended that infidelity would would be cast in such a glamorous light. The title is just trying to get people all riled up, because mostly this show is about how you can ruin your life (or your families lives) if you cheat.

I mostly watched because of the promo with the colorful dresses, the perfect music choice (Selena Gomez’s “Come and Get It”) and Alyssa Milano. I keep watching because each woman’s individual story line really hooked me. The show keeps you on your toes without being wildly unrealistic. It also doesn’t suck that every guy on this show is drool worthy.

This is Rochelle Aytes. She plays the character April and every time she’s on screen, I just stare at her eyes. Mesmerizing.

2. The Newsroom

With season 2 just starting and season 1 (all 10 episodes) currently available on demand, now is the perfect time to start watching The Newsroom.

I’m not usually a snob for “well-written” and “smart” tv shows. I like the trash just like the rest of ’em (see below). But this show is both of those. The dialogue bounces from character to character so beautifully and so realistically. Plus, it is responsible for the single greatest three minutes of television ever written.

3. Ray Donovan

This is a new show on Showtime and it’s definitely worth a watch. Oh premium channels, how you always woo me. Ray is the “fixer” for all the mess ups of the rich and famous in LA. Liev Schrieber plays Ray, who does a great job of screwing up his own life while fixing the lives of others. It’s violent, it’s shocking, but damn is it entertaining.

4. Keeping Up with the Kardashians

We all know I love them. They’ve got so much to teach us! If there’s a marathon on, I’m watching. Old episodes or new, it doesn’t matter. Lucky for us, this summer they’ve got new episodes and we get to see (what else) Kim cry more, Kourtney Mom it up, and Khloe lovin on her Lam Lam. But best of all, we’ve got the reality TV return of Brody Jenner!

Plus, Brandon and Leah show up (who? oh right, Bruce has other kids) and damn if they aren’t beautiful AND talented.

They also happened to create the most insanely cool lyric video ever. Kourtney and Kim Take Miami fans, recognize the song?

5. When all else fails, Reruns! 

So far this summer I’ve re-watched all of season 1 of The Newsroom, Season 2 of The League, Season 1 of Pretty Little Liars, Season 1 of New Girl, and I’m currently obsessed with watching throwback episodes of Laguna Beach and The Hills. Now is the time to get your rerun on!


Today I’d like to introduce you to Suzzie Vehrs!

Suzzie has an amazing attitude about life. She’s right, today could be brilliant! Need a little something to amuse? Take her Would You Rather? Poll. I also think she may also hold the record for posting the absolute dirtiest picture of herself that I’ve seen in the blogosphere. Worried about farting in front of your man? Well Suzzie did it, and he married her! You have to read the story behind that one.

Want to see more of Suzzie? You can follow her on Bloglovin or find her on Twitter.

  • Right now I’m watching Dexter and the entire series of Weeds on Netflix. Hubs downloaded the first couple episodes of Ray Donovan so we can get caught up and start watching that, too! Showtime rocks.

  • We just canceled out HBO/Showtime subscription, so Newsroom and Ray Donovan won’t work for us. Dexter is another good one. And So You Think You Can Dance. 🙂

  • I need to start The Newsroom and Ray Donovan. I’m currently watching PLL, Dexter and True Blood every week. I’m also catching up on Friday Night Lights.

  • Yes are loving Ray!! Plus Dexter and Big Brother!

  • Have you seen previews The Vineyard on Family Channel? I shall be watching that mindless show when it starts next week!

  • And Suits!!

  • Sue

    Love Mistresses. And after Savannah, April is my favorite character.

  • I’m so happy other people are watching Mistresses! I’m hooked! I loved the British version and was so excited for the US version. I’ve been a little afraid that no one else is watching it & it will get canceled.

    I can’t believe I’ve missed promos for Ray Donovan! I love Liev. Thanks for the rec, getting on that now.

    As for my summer viewing, Pretty Little Liars, True Blood and So You Think You Can Dance always get me through 🙂

  • i’m so guilty of watching the kardashians too. but i haven’t watched the other shows. will have to check them out!
    — jackie @ jade and oak

  • Rochelle Aytes is gorgeous!! I’ve basically given up on TV until The Walking Dead returns…

  • gonna have to check out mistresses now… !

  • That video is pretty awesome. I’m kind of liking Lord Disick now too – never thought I’d say that.

  • I wrote a post too about being depressed that all of the good shows are off in the Summer! You forgot that PLL is back right now AND Big Brother. I’m obsessed with that one. Oh, and True Blood and Dexter 😉

  • whaaaaat I had no idea his kids did that song!

  • You know I’ve never watched the Kardashians? I just can’t get involved. I’m already watching enough reality TV as it is. : )

  • sooo hooked on Ray Donovan!!

  • i am real deep in old seasons of the league. never fails to make me happy and laugh at inappropriate humor.

  • Thanks for the suggestions. I’m a big TV watcher and I feel like I follow MORE things in the summer than I do during regular season.
    ~Ashley (A Cute Angle)

  • Soooo obsessed with Brandon and Leah! Their EP is totally worth buying

  • I LOVE mistresses and will have to check out Ray Donovan! I also love extreme weight loss with Chris Powell!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • I have heard The Newsroom is awesome. I LOVE Mistresses! Its sooo good.

  • Reruns are my go-to in the summer! I also run to Netflix and watch every season of a TV show I haven’t seen yet. This summer I’m working on Supernatural.

  • I’m on the second episode of “Mistresses” and god, Rochelle is so gorgeous!

    Some other shows I would recommend that just started back up – “Suits,” “Orange is the New Black” (on Netflix – it’s so great!), and I just watched both seasons of “Scandal” and I’m absolutely obsessed. Also, really enjoying “Rookie Blue.”

  • You really captured how I feel when my shows start ending for the season…I’m so glad I’m not alone. And I just finished the first three seasons of Pretty Little Liars on Netflix yesterday. That show is so freaking addicting, I had no idea. Now I’m searching for a new show to obsess over. So very glad I’m not the only person around completely addicted to television 🙂

  • We’ve been catching up on Dexter so that we can watch the final season of that. I definitely want to check out The Newsroom though! I’ve been getting SO sick of reality TV lately, but there are hardly any sitcoms on. 🙁

  • That was seriously one of the coolest music videos ever! I already loved the song, and that was fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  • There’s nothing that can beat Keeping up with Kardashians in drama.
    Noor @ Noor’s Place

  • I’m going to watch Ray Donovan for sure, sounds soopah doopah interesting!

    Areeba @ Aree With Umbrella

  • If you haven’t watched it yet, Game of Thrones will blow your mind. Also, the final half of Breaking Bad Season 5 is due to air mid-August, and the first 5.5 series are something else.

    On a lighthearted note, reruns of (xoxo) Gossip Girl or the Office. Also Suits is not bad since it’s not too complicated! (I sometimes get really confused by complex story lines!).


  • I’m OBSESSED with Mistresses! I was hooked after episode 1. And I’ve heard so many great things about Newsroom but never watched, so maybe now is the time!

  • I’m totally a fan of Mistresses too. When I saw the commericals I wasn’t sure,then I saw the first one actually liked it!


  • Haha, I get the same way! After Grey’s ended for the season I was sorta stressing on what I’d do on week nights! Have you been watching Devious Maids? It’s another awesome summertime show!

  • First, both of those videos are amazing! Second, that’s a lot of TV! I’m always so tired when I get home, I don’t ever make time for TV 🙁

  • I haven’t watched all the shows you’ve mentioned but I am seriously interested in Mistresses!

    x Natalie

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