Spring on the Resentment

Last night, on a whim, I rearranged our entire bedroom. 

Now when I say “I,” I definitely mean that I made my beau help me move all the heavy furniture around and changed my mind three times in the process. This is my version of spring cleaning, as I refuse to throw anything away. 

You see, spring is my most and least favorite time of year. It’s the ultimate love/hate relationship.  
I’ll elaborate.

Yesterday I got to work from the back patio of my office. The view looks something like this: 

I also enjoyed this view while sitting on a porch swing with a very padded butt cushion. While working, of course.

Spring 1 – Winter 0

My version of allergy season just means horribly itchy eyes. Cue no eye makeup and hitting the pharmacy for a lethal combo of daytime Zyrtec D and nightime Benedryl. Thank goodness my fakie Firmoo glasses* (I don’t need glasses. They’re an accessory and I’m obsessed) make all this less obvious.

But to say that Benedryl makes me loopy would be a gross understatement. 

Last Friday I forgot that, had a glass of wine, and proceeded to giggle a lot and tell Naveed a few stories from college that I’m sure glad he didn’t find out about until two years in to our relationship. Oops.

Spring 1 – Winter 1 – Nadine 0

Morning walks with Archie now look a lot more like this:                                         and a lot less like this:

While I’ll miss my sweet matching sweatsuit, I will no longer be mistaken for the neighborhood hobo or a time traveler from the 80s.

Spring 2 – Winter 1 

It’s sandal season again, meaning my shoe options literally quadruple. 

Spring 3 – Winter 1

Another round of graduates emerge from the college landscape, ready to be smacked in the face by reality. And then I realize, that moment for me was now 3 years ago. 

And then I feel old. This feels like yesterday. Yesterday, I tell ya.

Spring 3 – Winter 2

And the worst part about spring? The part that makes me dread it, wish it would never come again, and beg for just a few more weeks of winter? 

Season Finales. 

The beginning of June always results in some serious withdrawal. I can’t give up New Girl (Nick and Jess!), The Mindy Project, Elementary, Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family for the summer. I just can’t. 

Spring 3 – Winter 100

Waaaa. Let me just go cry and be thankful I never delete anything from my DVR. Reruns. Reruns will carry me through.

What shows will you be missing? Do you harbor secret spring resentment?

Today it’s my pleasure to profess my undying love for introduce you to Meighan from Heavens to Meighan

She’s more than some blogger who I want you to go visit (but I do, go visit). She’s my soul sister. 

You see, Meighan and I both clearly lack coordination, as she evidenced here and I did here. She uses the word nonsense often, ads many a GIF to her posts, and was the first and only blogger to ask for my phone number so we could take our shenanigans offline. Yuup, I love her.

And the best part? Meighan is hosting a new link up on May 22nd called That One Time…

I’m excited to share a ridiculously ridiculous story with you. See you there? In the meantime, tweet at Meighan and give her a sneak peek of the story you will be sharing (#thatonetime) or visit her blog!

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*I received 2 complementary pairs from Firmoo. All opinions are mine. Full review to come!

  • new girl, wahh! i absolutely hate that all my shows are ending. and i love that you have just as many colorful sandals as me.

  • I seriously just love you to pieces. You always make me look and sound so good! I’m pretty sure I will be sponsoring you until the end of time.

    And don’t even get me started on the season finales. Last night I had another moment of hysteria watching Hart of Dixie.

  • First can we talk about Archie’s paw in the shoe picture? Too cute!!! Second…I am terribly depressed that Revenge, Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Law and Order SVU, How I Met Your Mother and all the other shows I watch are going away for awhile. However, I saved Grey’s for the summer! I do this every year. I have no clue what is going on this season and my husband and I will be catching up when all the other shows are off 🙂

  • But seriously, I hate season finales. Why can’t we just have new shows all year round?!

  • Ok, I thought I was the only one who had Firmoo glasses but didn’t actually need them! I wear mine sometimes when I’m outside or driving so that the air doesn’t irritate my eyes!

  • Haha love this post!!

  • I’m still working my way throught the DVR with New Girl, but I’ve seen the Jess/Nick sparks and I’m LOVING it! I’ve been waiting for this happen.

  • I hate season finales 🙁 Why don’t networks understand that we need new TV to keep us occupied while recovering from summer nights and cooling off in the AC?

  • OMG I AM SWOONING over your shoe pic and Archie’s paw showing….my heart is full after seeing that pic….xoxoxoxoxoxo

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  • hahahaha winter 100. this is awesome. i graduated 4 YEARS ago. i am so old. and i look like a hobo on the reg.

  • my eyes are crazy itchy right now too! eye makeup has now been cancelled until further notice. and i don’t want my shows to end noooooooo!!!! netflix is my savior!

  • Grey’s, Modern Family, and Mindy will all be sorely missed this summer. I’m rewatching Gossip Girl, watching The Office for the first time, and catching up on all of Parks & Recreation to see me through. Seems ambitious but will really only last me through June, haha. Plus, Pretty Little Liars returns in June! Huzzah!

  • Liz

    We watch wayyy too many of the same shows — and I definitely have been cranking through primetime stuff like House of Cards and others on my laptop too quickly — this girl should’ve though to save ’em for summer!

    xo, Liz

  • I have 3 pairs of those same sandals. 🙂 I could not live without my rainbows, seriously. And my allergies are killing me too– I’ve actually lost my voice from my scratchy throat!
    XO, Rachel
    With Love, Rachel

  • Oh man…I feel you on almost all of these. I am so happy for warmer weather…and sandals and dresses. I wish we could have good TV on all year long. I hate that season finales are already happening. ARG! That just makes me angry!

  • Spring can do no wrong in my book…except maybe stop raining… but that’s why I have cute rain boots! Good luck with that allergy nonsense!

  • i like spring, sometimes. i hate the bipolar weather. literally 90 one day, and raining 3 days later. and my allergies this year are the worst ever. but i missed my sandals and spring dresses. and the fact that my room isn’t freezing.
    and i’m in the middle of redoing my room. i am pro at moving furniture on my own!

  • Grey’s Anatomy will be over foreverrrrr. 🙁 So sad about it!

  • I’m not going to lie, I’m so upset about some of my shows ending for summer. Especially Scandal. What am I going to do!

  • OMGIAMSOEXCITEDFORSANDALS!!! and archies paw. i die.

  • I have no other words than….. bbghahahahhahahaaaaa
    I love this post 🙂

  • Waaa to season finales! I cried last night watching Hart of Dixie. Not because it was sad, but because its OVER!

  • I loved your blog today. I have a feeling when I get a puppy that my dog walking outfits will be like yours in the winter….always!

  • I always have TV withdrawals in the summer! I have to make a mental list of things to occupy me in the evenings. I mean, what do I do on days I have no shows to watch? I can’t even remember right now because of course, that was last summer! AND I LOVE Meighan! She has my number too! 🙂

  • I hadn’t even thought about spring finales until Parks and Rec just up and ended last week. TRAGEDY. I am with you on Modern Fam and Mindy. I want them all summer!!!

  • oh no we havent got to the finales here in the UK i didnt know jess and nick kiss!! omg! cant wait to see that 🙂 x

  • Ugh I hate season finales! Summer tv is so awful in comparison.

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  • So many agreements. My favorite season is fall but it comes right before winter so that always looms over me during september and october. BTW I love your glasses. I hear ya on all good tv ending too, although I do look forward to So You Think You Can Dance and Big Brother every spring. I bet you would like Big Brother if you like reality TV

  • OMG SEASON FINALES. Stop. You’re going to make me emotional!!

    Love your blog, as always.


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