Someday I Will

Every morning when I make my coffee I have the same routine. I turn on the Keurig, open the cabinet for a Green Mountain Coffee Nantucket Blend k-cup and pause briefly at the description…”full, hearty, and distinctively complex.” And every single morning I think, I really hope someone describes me like that some day. It sounds like the perfect description of a person who has lived a long and happy life.


The other night, N and I were laying in bed talking. Archie was smack dab in the middle of us, head on the pillow and all, so you can imagine it was super romantic. And a question came to me. More of a prompt really.

It’s 40 years from now and you’ve lived in the same neighborhood for much of that time. A new neighbor moves in and another neighbor is talking to them in the yard. She asks about the other neighbors. Who are they? What are they like?      How would you want to be described?

Someday, I hope to be described like this:

Oh the [insert N’s Persian last name here]’s? Great people. They’ve got a few kids who come back to visit all the time and they’ve always got their extended family over. Her brother lives nearby and he’s around a lot. All the neighborhood kids were always over there growing up. Nadine would let anyone stay for dinner and in the summertime we still go sit around their fire pit in their backyard. They’ve got a great yard, wait ’til you see it. You’ll know when they’re out there cause Nadine’s got a real loud laugh. She works for a non-profit, I think. She’s always up to something, trying to change the world. Now they’ve got a pack a dogs running around but they’re all real sweet. If you ever need a dog sitter, may as well give her a key. She takes care of our pups when we’re out-of-town. Her and her husband have been married a long time. You should see the way she looks at him, you’d think they were newlyweds. If you need something to do around here, ask them. They’re always up to something, taking salsa dancing, heading to a book club, or painting classes. She’s a pretty good photographer too. Takes our family photo every year. Anyway, she’s a fun lady and you’ll like her. I’m heading over there later for a glass of wine, why don’t you join us?

Yes, it’s a weird exercise, describing yourself in the third person. Give it a try. It was wonderful, funny, and reassuring to hear N’s answer. Someday, I will be described just like that.

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