So You Wanna Look Like A Rockstar…

Well I’ve got just the person to introduce you to. Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Dee from Boutique Sui Numeris.

At Boutique Sui Numeris, they do the unthinkable: They favor exclusivity and do not sell more than one of the same dress

They also do what so many others don’t. They pay attention to all elements of the item including texture, dimension, color, and most importantly craftsmanship. Can I get an amen? 

My very favorite pieces. Left, Lumen; Right, Liv
As I get older, I’m less inclined to buy crap (and yes, it is crap) at Forever 21 and I’m looking for more investment pieces. This is a great place to find them!

Let’s get down to business, Dee.

What inspired you to start Boutique Sui Numeris?

The Boutique was started as a way for women to set themselves apart from the rest–a fun outlet for true boutique shopping in the comfort of your own home.  I attended an all white boat party, and there were about 5 popular dresses that about 90% of the girls wore.  Everyone looked identical.  Nobody wanted to stand next to a girl that was wearing “their dress”.  On a boat, that’s pretty hard to do.  It put a damper on the mood of the party.

What does Sui Numeris mean?

Pronounced (swee noom er ees), it’s classical Latin for “of it’s own rank”.  Basically, we want to do our own thing.  Rock to the beat of our own tune! 

How do you go about finding the vintage pieces for your store?

It’s definitely a time consuming process that requires effort.  All of our clothes are inspected for high quality and we travel all over to locate vintage pieces.  Fashion shows and making amazing connections with elite vintage vendors all over the world are the most popular ways we bring gorgeous items into the boutique.    

How do you see Boutique Sui Numeris evolving in the next few years?

We want to keep it small so that we can continue to develop one-on-one quality customer relations with our clients, but our inventory is going to be even more ridiculously fabulous.  We have new items coming from Italy this summer!!  Woohoo! 

You are based in Austin, TX. What is your favorite thing about living in Austin?

I am a University of Texas at Austin graduate.  I love college football.  I love the vibe of the city.  I love the water views.  It’s like re-living my college years over and over.  That could be good or bad, Nadine.  It just depends.  

Which item in your store is your favorite right now?

My favorite item is “Nyla”, in our vintage collection.  It’s a piece that says, “Look at me.  I have arrived.”  

Check out the sharp pleats and the tailoring of that dress.  You don’t have to say a word.  Then, when you turn around and show that flawless back, you have officially shut your competition down.  Game over.  The end.    
Tell us your ultimate fashion tip.

Be creative.  Let’s get away from simply copying Hollywood trends.  The real trend setters are everywhere– from Anchorage, Alaska to Austin, Texas.  

Thanks for sharing with us, Dee! Make sure you check out Boutique Sui Numeris or follow them on twitter. I’m always hesitant to follow businesses on twitter but Dee shares tons of great articles, songs, and how to posts. Definitely a great follow. 


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