So you lost. Go WINE about it.

She’s here. And she needs no introduction. Sarah from Venus Trapped In Mars is here today with…
I’ll let her take it from here. 

Let’s meet today’s contestants:
In the right corner, wearing the pink gloves…
Meet Nadine “The Back East Beast”

And in the left corner, wearing the gold glitter gloves
Meet Sarah “The Boom Boom Buster Bonecrusher” 
Nothin good rhymes with Sarah or Venus (except for peni…)

How this battle will be decided… 
We are going to go pound for pound, blow for blow, cork for cork through each challenger’s instagram photos. The first challenger to run out of wine pictures, loses. Beer and liquor do not count. (Champagne ok)
Let’s get readyyyyy tooooooo ruuummmmbllllleeeeee!
{Please play song while scrolling, it is imperative}

 In my defense, if this was a liquor, wine & beer challenge, I’d have been the champion. Come see me over at Venus Trapped in Mars even though I’m a big fat loser.
Venus Trapped
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