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Some people drop off the planet and weeks later come back and say “I’m so sorry about not blogging!”. I am not one of those people. I won’t say I’m sorry because a.) I’m not, it was kind of nice to take a break and b.) I’m pretty sure no one noticed anyway (I’d be a raging narcissist if I thought people were actually hanging on my every word).

So yada yada, I’ve been busy, etc. Life was happening and for once in three years, I kind of forgot I had a blog. No seriously, one day earlier this week I realized that I had not so much as thought about my blog in two days. Like I said, stuff was happening. Like…

I became a city dweller.

Home sweet home is our third floor walk up in Philadelphia. It still kind of feels like we’re crashing with friends or something. I wonder when it will become normal that I live here.

Well not here exactly. But this street is one of my favorites.
Well not here exactly. But this street is one of my favorites.

Archie started using a face harness and hated every minute of it.

As city dwellers, we needed to get a handle on Archie’s walking habits. I’d like to say that he’s super well-trained but I’m not that good of a liar so let’s just say that he’s a puller and a mild jumper (BUT IN A CUTE WAY) and we had some things to work on as we’re now sharing crowded sidewalks. Enter: the face harness (also known as the Gentle Leader). It has been a complete game changer for us. Archie does not pull one bit. Zero pulling.

My biggest fear was that he would slip out of it (and run in to the street) but if you make it tight enough around the back of the skull (as directed and is perfectly comfortable for the pup) there is no way that could happen. Really, I tried. N insisted we needed to give the face harness a real shot and I was terrified so I tried to yank it off of Archie’s head and…nothing. It stays put and makes walks a breeze!

That being said, Archie is not a fan. During walks he’s pretty distracted by city stuff (trash, other dogs, joggers, etc.) and he doesn’t notice it much. When we hit grass, he remembers and rubs his face along the grass or dramatically lies on his back and paws at his face. It’s hilarious but also kind of sad. It’s a work in progress for him and a win for us.

Just know that he might look calm, but he's super pissed at us.
Just know that he might look calm, but he’s super pissed at us.

Out of necessity, I became a morning person.

6:30am and I’m up and walking Archie. Because the closest grass is three blocks from our house. Eek. While getting out of bed is rough, I’m actually enjoying our head-clearing, jump-start the day walks together.

Ask me if I still feel that way in mid-January.

We unpacked everything in two days.

BOOM. Nailed it.

Stylized Bookshelf

We survived moving and an IKEA trip with our relationship intact.

And isn’t that the most impressive thing of all?

  • JC

    I hate walking in the morning cold and dark, We just let our pup out in the morning he gets walks or goes jogging with me after work. Seriously not ready for cold in the AM. Good Luck!

  • This makes me nostalgic for my hometown! Congrats on surviving an Ikea trip and still loving N – my husband and I have had some seriously trying Ikea trips in the past!

  • Awwww poor Archie! He’ll get used to it. And yay for a successful move! I’m ridiculously impressed with your unpacking skills.

  • Lauren Harrelson

    Congrats on the new digs! And poor Archie, that face lol. I totally understand though. Ours is a HANDFUL walking, always has been, and I can’t imagine if I had to walk him in a big city!

  • LOL… Yep, the pups does not enjoy the harness… and I had to laugh about the January comment because YES, probably so true! Beautiful street though!!!

  • Oh my. I can’t imagine city living with our large pup like that. I am way too spoiled with our fenced in backyard in suburbia. My hat is off to you, madam.

    I’m so impressed with your unpacking of everything in two days, we’ve been in our new house for over a week now and it’s embarrassing how much is still in boxes. Oh well.

    I’m going to IKEA on Friday and I AM SO EXCITED!!!

  • Erin

    I’ve always said that if you can survive an IKEA trip that is a true test of a relationship right there. I was smug and delighted when I got to go by myself once… until I was trying to load furniture into my cart and car by myself. Then I remembered why it is useful to have the second person…tension and all 🙂

  • matti

    my boyfriend and i recently started using the gentle leader with our dog too – he’s 115 lbs and still growing, so there’s a lot of strength behind him when he wants to get going! not sure if you’ve tried this already, but our trainer recommended putting the harness on right before a meal, letting him eat, and then removing it immediately after he’s finished. it’s not 100% perfect yet, but it has helped him desensitize to it a little bit.

  • Apartment tour!! Apartment tour!! Since you’re all unpacked 😛

    But seriously though, I use to feel really guilty about taking blogging breaks. I’m not a popular blogger by any means so I doubt anyone is dying for my posts. I’ve just accepted there’s going to be times where I either can’t post or don’t want to post, and that’s a-okay.

  • The Ikea episode of 30 Rock is one of my favorites if you haven’t watched it 😉 You’d be so proud of you and N for surviving such a trip!

  • I have a gentle leader for my dog too! She hates it so much. She tries to hid when it’s time to put it on.

  • my dogs pull ALL the time. i need to get that gentle leader thing. love that street and glad you’re settling in!

  • WOW! Surviving Ikea AND moving and you guys are still intact? True love. My ex and I had a huge fight in Ikea once. Guess that trip was a bit of foreshadowing on my relationship. 😉

  • YAY! Glad the move went OK. I really hope to meet you and Archie soon, at the puppy park if nothing else. 🙂

  • Moving is so exciting (oops, I misspelled “stressful”) Congrats on the new place. Can’t wait to see all your city adventures!

  • Ikea is definitely a test of a relationship! The instructions are a joke! That street looks lovely though. Quaint x

  • EEEEeeeeee! How exciting!! Mentally I tell myself I could live in a big city, with the fantastic restaurants, and walking everywhere, and great public transit. But I know I really couldn’t. I pretty much, really hate (that many) people and the cold. So I’ll live vicariously through you! Hope you absolutely loove it!!

  • Erin

    A few years back I took my dog to the training class at PetsMart & end of day 1 the instructor suggested I give the gentle leader a try for my dog. He has never been a good leash walker, pulling & jumping like he’s walking the human not the other way around. He wasn’t such a fan at first either but he eventually got over his dislike of it and got used to having it across his face and around the back of his head. Just give Archie some time and some more walks, even though no one really likes getting up in the early morning, certainly not me that’s for sure! Unpacking in 2 days & surviving an Ikea trip is impressive! I’ve only ever gotten unpacked after moving that fast when I was in college & moving in, then again, that was one room and not my whole life & house so it’s not quite the same, lol!!
    Hope life on the 3rd floor starts feeling more like home & not just visiting friends soon & enjoy your new city dwelling life!!

  • If is cold and dark I want to be in bed…………………just saying

    However, I am more a morning person then a afternoon or night person, I like to get up and get things done

  • Samantha

    What an adorable little street! I always wished we lived in the city before having kids but well, there aren’t any military bases in cities so were kind of screwed there anyways. So I just live vicariously through other bloggers 😉

  • Good luck in the city! I am sure you will love it (coming from a city person myself).

    And not to be a crazy stalker…but I noticed that you were gone. I love reading your blog!

  • So we bought our first home this summer, partly to have a yard for our dogs instead of getting up extra early for walks and to avoid people, lol. I love it! But I also sort of miss those early wake-up calls…though I live in Florida, so “cold” is not nearly as cold as you will be 😉

  • Moving is the ultimate relationship test! Tim and I started hiring movers, because after our first move (which we did by ourselves) we knew we couldn’t survive the stress of it again.

  • two days?! you’re amazing. I hope that you’re loving city life!

  • Congratulation on your moving! You did it very fast, just in 2 days unpacked!!! Your new street looks so cute!

  • I might need to try one of those face harness on my lab — he is a puller and does not have the best walking manners. I can see him trying to rub it off on everything though! Yay for getting all moved into your new place! And only in two days? That has got to be a record!

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